Some Questions That Guys Hesitate To Ask Every Girl

Some Questions That Guys Hesitate To Ask Every Girl

Sometimes guys don’t want to ask a few questions to girls, but it so happens that they definitely have it in their mind and are playing with those possible questions almost always. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t linger in his head occasionally. Sex is not an untouched topic now and people aren’t scared to talk about it. There are many things a guy wants to ask you, but refrains from doing so, because you (girls in general) may end up taking some of these questions too sensitively and it may hurt you right in the middle of the date. These are the uncomfortable questions that guys hesitates to ask, in fact too afraid, mortified or perplexed to ask about. There are a few guys who may want to ask you some things even before they know you very well.

Why guys do not ask you questions, generally?

Human beings are curious, no matter what! Your guy wants to know something about you, but they generally don’t rise up to the occasion because of only you. There is always a chance where you can go into the offensive mode, so he is hesitating if he would trigger the wrong button. So, he plays it safe, but you also play certain things very safe. You don’t hit the point that the guy is expecting you to. Instead, you end up beating around the bush. There are only sexual questions that hit a guy’s mind when he hits the bed with you. It doesn’t matter if he is the most decent guy, he has one question that lingers is his mind.

Some Questions That Guys Are Hesitant To Ask You

1Number of boyfriends

Number of boyfriends

This is a complicated query that is generally in a guy’s brain, but abstains from asking. The guy never knows how you would take it in the first place. Not many of you discuss these questions if the relationship is on the creamy and new phase. There are chances that may cause suspicion and jerk in a guy’s head when you give him the number. But, you should also know that while some guys may act insecure, there can be a flip story to it. Some other mature guys will take it in the positive light, knowing the number of experiences you have had making you the stronger sexually in the relationship. So, not all guys turn out to be weirdo’s when they ask questions about the number of boyfriends.

2Your wildest encounter with your ex

Your wildest encounter with your ex

Well, guys are very curious and would like to know more about the adventurous side of you. So, they end up asking your wildest encounters with your ex. While this may be an untouched area for some of you, you could definitely choose to be expressive with the guy if you think he is genuine. Also, not many of them are afraid to ask such borderline questions about encounters because it is more fun and you know he is playing with you. You could decide not to reply to a guy if he asks all of this on the first date itself. If he does so, he is definitely looking for more from you. You should make an effort to check if the guy asks all of this after creating a good rapport with you. That way you will be comfortable with him in a relationship too.

3The size matters

The size matters

While this question is way too sleazy to ask a girl, a guy wants to know if he was the best you have been with. If you have had a long list of powerful exes like an NBA player or if the guy is an athlete, such questions won’t even pop up in a guy’s mind. But remember that guys are very particular about the size and they want to know from you if this was the biggest you have seen. While this could be too personal, you can answer it in a very polished manner by just telling him how much you loved the night and that it really doesn’t matter how long or small it is. You can also be blatant with the answer by just asking to skip such questions because of the comfort level. As girls, if you truly want the guy to feel superior, it is fine to say good stuff about his ‘stuff’ sometimes!



A lot of them think about asking this, but none literally none have the courage to ask it for the answer that may come out of your mouth. This is just to know if he is keeping you satisfied and if you are enjoying what he is offering you. This is what he wants to know from you. This is very vulnerable to him because he doesn’t want to question his own sexual prowess, that too comparing with your ex.

5Can there be sharing

Can there be sharing

Most women prefer if the man pays the bill, but sometimes the guys are so vexed of paying, they just want to ask it out loud if the bill can be split. But, if the girl doesn’t take it the right way, it will be a word vomit! But as women, you should know that sometimes, it is nice to offer to pay and split the bill. There are two of you in the relationship and both of you have to bear equal amount of expenditure and not take each one for granted.

6Condom alert

Condom alert

Sexual fantasies may differ and there are a few things not everyone wants to do. Not many wish to do everything, similarly. But, without a condom, having sex is unhygienic and irresponsible. So, the guy refuses to ask you the question.

There is no such rule that guys shouldn’t be asking you any questions because of the curiosity. But, somehow guy’s skip this because they don’t want to be put under the worst light at any cost from the girl they love or date. It ends up being awkward both for you and him if the answer is uncomfortable. But if a man goes ahead and questions you all of this, you should probably think about the dating preference and the decisions you have made. So, if you know the guy for a long time or if you think you can just speak anything, go ahead and answer those questions for him. Poor him, but eh! You will love the session anyway! 😉

-Pavithra Ravi