Sensual massage techniques that will help improve sex life

Sensual massage techniques that will help improve sex life

Certain things are way better than sex in your bedroom. There are certain other things that you can enjoy much more than just penetration. There are other ways to make sure that your partner is aroused and has a good time in bed with you. The term sensual massages does the work for your partner easily. Heard of it? Well, sensual massages are an age old practice of getting your partner aroused and interested in having sex with you. You may wonder what is so special about it. You have to wait until you experience one.

After a tired day at work, your partner is probably vexed and irritated. You sure can make it interesting and exciting for him. You need to ignite the rush between you two using the sensual massage techniques. New to massages? Don’t worry! Obtain a list of tips and techniques you can use to give the world’s best sensual massage, which will help in improving your sex life.

Top Sensual Massage Tips for Better Sex Life

1Take a bath

Take a bath

You should always remember that your partner has to feel fresh and not doze off half way through the massage. Try to take a warm shower with him. Pour in some essential oils in your bathtub and get started. Muscles will be relaxed during the bath and this will be the start of the massage technique. The tired and vexed day will be reignited by the fresh hot bath you will take with him. Get into the water if you want to. This will ignite things for both of you and the mood will be set even before the massage technique starts.

2Make him comfortable

Make him comfortable

Being comfortable during a sensual massage could be a little awkward in the first few attempts. Yes, there are chances that he will shy off and not be greatly comfortable, but it is fine, don’t bother much. It obviously means he is just shying off and not that he dislikes what you are doing. To reduce the embarrassment, offer going naked for him and give him the massage. Start with his foot. A man’s back and neck have a thousand nerve endings. The pressure in the nervous system will be increased if you start from the foot.

3Set the mood

Set the mood

Try to set the mood of the room, even before you start the process of making him lay down on the table. Dim lights go best for such kind of massages and will also set a romantic mood. You need to keep a check on the room temperature and then go for candles. If possible, try and switch on the AC in prior. Spray the room with a scented perfume or scented candles will be more appropriate. To add up to the atmosphere, play relaxing or soothing music. Grab a towel to make sure that the oils don’t spill all over.

4Store some quality essential oils

Store some quality essential oils

When you know you are starting the process, you should also know that the oils are the most important part of this process. The right kind of oil will help your massage go perfectly well. Kamasutra’s essential oil not only smells great but also has the most important and sassy ingredients which will take good care of your man’s skin. It has added ingredients that will not burn or irritate any kind of skin. In additional, one can also use the following suggestions for the finest kind of experience.

Rose oil – The smell of this particular oil gives you an outstanding experience. The good texture will be useful for the sensitive areas of your man.

Sandalwood oil – The bonus of this particular oil is that Sandalwood oil increases the libido levels. It makes your work easier.

Almond oil – A mood setter oil, that smells great and has a great shine on your guy’s body. The strokes are easy when you use Almond oil.

There are also other kinds of oil that you can find but these are the ones that work perfectly . You could upgrade your oils and explore

5Start using the technique

Start using the technique

• To start the technique, you need to make sure that you have applied the right kind and amount of oil on your hands and slowly to his body. The hand movement should go in a circular motion and using the thumb for pressure is important. You can make long glides with high pressure. Removing nerve knots from your guy’s body will help you figure out the pressure points. His body will become softer and smoother as you put in more pressure.
• When you massage, always give the spotlight to back and lower back. Divide the upper and lower body and massage each of the sides for at least 20 minutes.
• Using of thumb would increase the pressure and sensuality. Also, try different strokes. Don’t stick to just one as your guy may get bored easily. Experimenting with strokes comes in handy! Try different parts of the back as shoulder, arms, middle shoulder, sides and much more.
• After a good half an hour’s time, you could make him turn around and start massaging his front. This is where you can get creative. Start from chest, hands and then come down to his penis.Now that you have entire freedom to do anything, try to get really creative. You may apply oil to your handy entirely and rub his penis gently.
• Spend some time in that area and wait for him to get aroused. Another way to arouse him is finger stroking. A good head using your hand can be relaxing and increases the adrenaline rush for your guy. You may not want to use your mouth with oil. Give him a reposing experience and blow his mind away with a great finish.
• When he is done, gently remove your hand and wash your hands.

6Other things to remember

Other things to remember

• While massaging your guy, sit on his bum, which will arouse him even more
• Your hands have to be warm and not cold. Bare body and cold hands will never go hand in hand. Use the oil to rub your hands and decrease the temperature of the room if needed
• Considering his opinions would give you the clear picture on pressure points, sensual strokes etc.
• To take it to the next level, take him into a sensual bath post massage and continue to have a hot shower sex to top it all.

These will definitely make you the queen in his heart. Thank us for now, and go ahead and enjoy!

-Pavithra Ravi