Reasons to spend time with family on weekends

Reasons to spend time with family on weekends

Weekend is a time for you to catch up on many things like your child’s recital, time with your lover/hubby, your mum’s cookery classes, your amazing sister’s college graduation day and most of all, the time you need to be by yourself. Well, a productive weekday comes to an end when you close your eyes, thinking that the next day is going to be the best without constant client calls, meetings or rushing into the conference room every time you get pinged.

True to be believed, every single person is waiting for the 2 day break to rejuvenate their bodies and minds for the next week ahead. If you have been constantly checking your mails, missing your child plays or if you have busy with your laptop 24/7, here’s why you should stop doing all that. Working on weekends is a sin. Your mind, body and you need a break or space from the outer world. You need to focus on your personal life which will impact your professional life. So, here are various reasons why you shouldn’t absolutely be Working on Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).

Top Reasons for Not Working on Weekends

1Your brain needs a break

Your brain needs a break

Trust us when we say this! Even if you are sitting still on a Sunday without doing anything, and probably aimlessly looking at the wall, it is better than a Sunday trying to check mails and phones. On the weekdays, your brain and body works hard and your work involves both physical and mental stress. When you are not doing something related to work, your brain works much better. Think of a scenario – If you have a writing job and you are writing articles all through the week. The break you take during the weekends will give you the space and creativity to come up with better topics and better writing from the following week because you are not doing the routine. Give your brain the much-needed break.

2Your partner is important for your career

Your partner is important for your career

Yes, this indeed is a very important aspect when it comes to your profession. If you don’t have a partner who can help you get through your professional phase with ease, then your life is practically in a mess. Being married to the right person can really boost your career. If you don’t spend time with your partner during the weekends and act a workaholic, he is going to literally give you the cold stares when you ask him to cook for himself or pick up your children from school. Let’s face it, as a woman, you need to multi-task. Kids, husband, boyfriend, profession, home and whatnot! So, delegate your weekends for family to have a smooth and growing career.

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3Your business doesn’t love you

Your business doesnt love you

This isn’t to burst your bubble, but remember that your business doesn’t love you as much as your family does. Even if you are the CEO of the company, there will be a time when you would have to take a step back and kick to the curb. If you aren’t the boss, then all the more chances of being fired someday. We are not saying that your company is your enemy. We are just saying that you should love your job and not your company per se. Your company will love you until you are a part of them. Your family will love you forever. So, spend more time with them.

4All work and no play, will make Jill a dull girl

All work and no play

You aren’t likely to kill someone or start bashing your colleagues, but remember the times you had fun? So, go do something fun. Let go of your laptop bag and pick up your backpack. Carry your trekking shoes instead of your charger. Eat ice cream with your lover, get up at 3 in the morning and randomly jog, take your camera and click pictures. Refresh yourself by doing something new, because if you keep doing the same thing everyday, you will become one of the boring people in your group.

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5Meet your friends or they will disown you

Meet your friends

You are so engrossed with work that you might have forgotten to catch up with your girls. Right? Meet them and go out with them this Sunday. Call them home or take a short trip to the nearby lake. Socialize with them. You will feel much better when you can see other people apart from your colleagues. If you don’t meet your friends, they are soon to forget you and not even call you for their important functions.

6Health comes first

Health comes first

Even if you are the CEO, your health should be your priority. When you never get any true downtime, your stress levels remain high. High stress obviously leads to a lot other added health issues. If you want to remain healthy, you need to have a time off. And, this weekend is the best way to start off.

7Not thinking about work can actually solve work issues

Not thinking about work

Have you been wanting to solve a problem for quite a while at your workplace and not been finding answers to it? Remember the age-old adage – ‘Divert your mind from something you do every day, and you can get creative in a jiffy’? That’s how it works basically. If you can divert your mind off work, you, may be able come up with a solution while riding your bike or while fishing. You never know! Brain is a funny mechanism.

8Relationship with your young ones will improve

Relationship with your young ones

You may consider this to be cliche, but yes, if you can throw your smart phone and switch off your laptop, you would be able to see something in this. Try and spend time with your children, especially the teens. You can’t expect your boy/girl to come up to you and tell you their daily happenings, if you don’t listen to them in rapt attention. They may act like they don’t need time with their mum, but, they do! So, spend time with them.

-Pavithra Ravi