Must have accessories when you wear a saree

Must have accessories when you wear a saree

Be it a party or festivals, sarees are the hit of the day. You have to drape yourself in a beautiful saree and look all-ethnic. Saree always tops your choice when it comes to special occasions. Undoubtedly, sarees are just not enough to complete your look. You need a lot more than just that. Right? Although, it acts as the binding divine piece of attire, don’t you think accessories are the complementing pieces that lock your look? Well, yes! Accessories support your look and enhance your beauty even more.

Choosing the right kind of saree accessories can never be easy. You can look over dressed or under dressed with just one piece hanging on your neck, ear or hands. So, we have a list of accessories every woman should consider when you wear a saree.

Accessories To Possess When You Wear A Saree

1Lock your hands with beautiful bangles

Lock your hands with beautiful bangles

Aren’t bangles by itself the most beautiful accessory? Indian women are extremely fond of bangles and mainly the glass ones. Bangles go really well when worn with a saree. The best part about these bangles is that they go with any kind of saree you wear depending on the color you pick. Contrast colors or mix and match can also be one of your options when you wear it with a saree. Bangles per se are available in varied kinds like glass, gold, silver, plastic or even metal. Out of all these, glass bangles are the most preferred by Indian women. They come in different colors and give the perfect look to your hands.

2Bindi – Every woman’s pride


Most girls or women end up thinking that bindis look great only to married women. Says who? A bindi signifies a lot of things. Bindis make a great appeal even on unmarried young women. They are the perfect accessory that will accentuate your beauty while you are draped in a saree. The special thing about bindi is that, you can choose the shape of the bindi according to the shape of your face. Round, straight, colorful, big or small – there are just too many types. If you have a round face, make a perfect look with a small bindi. If you have a long face, go for round ones. There are even crystal stickers in the form of bindi.

3Without handbags women sometimes feel naked


Everyone knows the importance of handbags. They play a huge role in every woman’s life by carrying all the wanted and even the unwanted stuff like makeup essentials, money, comb, cell phones, smaller purses and whatnot! You could go for designer handbags that make a perfect mark when you wear a simple saree. If you are heading to a party, an ethnic clutch or an ethnic false leather handbag would lock your look. If you want to pep up your choice of handbags, you can very much try the embroidered ones that come with sequins or thread work. Remember to compliment your look of the bag you are carrying.

4Hip chain – Sexy quotient


Though hip chains are not an everyday affair, they serve the best purpose when you are attending a function or mainly a marriage of your dear one. Hip chain, also called as Kamarbandh is a perfect Indian version of side chain that hangs from your waist. It is so beautiful that it seeks attention to your hip area. It tops the looks if you drape your saree with a lower hip look. That would be the cherry on the cake.

5Ethnic footwear – Every woman’s love

Ethnic footwear

No matter what gets the top priority, every time you step out of your house, you should make sure you have the perfect pair of footwear. Ethnic footwear collection is so huge that you might probably faint when you go out for shopping. When you try out an ethnic footwear, remember the size, heel height and the comfort it gives you. You don’t want to be uncomfortable, right? Footwear these days come with embellishments, studded and stuffed with fake diamonds and much more to add on. Remember never to go for gaudy or over dressed footwear. It takes away the beauty of your feet.

6A perfect fitting blouse

A perfect fitting blouse

If you are attending marriages or parties, you have got to try the different kinds of blouse patterns. The design of your blouse can make or break your look for the evening. There are ready-made blouses available in the stores. Ready-made blouse might not have many designs, so getting a blouse stitched according to us is the perfect gift for your saree. A back open, front hook, cut blouse, tied down blouse and whatnot! A perfect designer blouse would your entire look and make you look beautiful.

Don’t you already want to pick one of your sarees and start getting ready for an imaginary party? Well, that’s the beauty of wearing a saree. We hope, with the above tips, you make the most beautiful person in the room! Tell us how you want to accessorize your looks by commenting below.

-Pavithra Ravi