How to smell great always

How to smell great, always!

Whether you are a working woman or a college student, smelling great comes as a priority. It is not only essential in terms of socializing, it is also personal hygiene. Maintaining what is called the ‘Perfect body odor’ is quite an important task for a woman, we are prone to more un-hygienic substance than the guys. So, smelling good should be your major priority. If you are a working woman, you know that you should be working out, socializing with colleagues, going on dates from work. You need to keep a check always on the way you smell. Whether you are hugging your friend or cuddling your crush, smelling good or not should not be the concern in your mind. Smelling good obviously gives you the confidence, and would make you feel more attractive. It always starts with self caring and wearing a freshly laundered clothes and of course to top that with your fragrance from your perfume. Dab on your signature scent and leave people wondering, on how you smell great always.

Tips On How To Smell Great Always

1Do not rub your fragrance after you have sprayed it on

Do not rub your fragrance after you have sprayed it on

When you spray your scent, always be mindful of the fact that, you might not want to rub the fragrance into your skin. You can spray it on your inside wrist, neck or mist it in the air and walk through it. But whatever you do, do not rub it in because this will make the top note disappear and keep only the next two layers of fragrance, rather, the wonderful smell on the top will vanish quite faster than expected.

2Go for scented nail polish

Go for scented nail polish

To keep your hands smelling good and fresh, always try to cover your nails with scented nail polish.It doesn’t smell like the other polishes that have a fume-tastic odor. It is relatively subtle and emits a nice fragrance which makes your nails feel better and lets the nails also breath.

3Hair odor

Hair odor

Sometimes, your hair stinks! Plain and quite blank. It stinks because it could have been greasy and unwashed. So whenever you are finding your hair greasy, take a quick head shower. It is advisable to take a head shower thrice a week, if not, at least twice a week to avoid the oily. Get a proper smelling shampoo which will help you with the necessary elements for both hair volume and for avoiding the smell.

4Try spraying your bed

Try spraying your bed

This might not always work. But sometimes, you can be sleeping with your crush and you might want it to smell good only to notice the bad smell odor from you or may be even him. Spritzing your pillows and sheets allows the scent to envelope you and whoever you’re sleeping with when you’re lying in bed. This will create a romantic mood around you.

5Spray your shoes

Spray your shoes

Your feet tend to smell bad when your inner part smells. Yes, it is gross and you have no idea how to avoid the smell when you are asked to remove your shoes for trying new ones or curl up next to your crush. Try to carry a shoe spray. It is small, compact and would help you in avoiding the bad smell. Either way, having smelly feet can ruin the moment, be it shopping or cuddling. So, to make sure your foot odor doesn’t precede you as soon as you slip off your booties, freshen up in a pinch by carrying the spray which will take care of the rest.

6Invest in hair spray

Invest in hair spray

It is fine to invest in a straight up, aerosol fragrance spray especially for your hair. If you think your hair is going to smell strong, do not worry, because the molecules in the aerosol fragrance are much thinner than you expect. So, you will not be smelling too strong and it wouldn’t overwhelm people around you. A formula like this, as the day goes on, will also keep getting refreshed by the heat of your head, so spray it on in the morning before work and again before you go out.

7The odor down there, SHOULD be avoided

The odor down there, SHOULD be avoided

When you are dealing with an area that’s buried beneath layers of clothing, the scent revealed once you disrobe isn’t always the prettiest. So, freshen up your flower midday with a baby wipe or on-the-go towelette which is an easier way for any girl meeting her special friend.

8Carry gum for dry mouth

Carry gum for dry mouth

Bad breath comes either from dry mouth or when you eat food that smells. If you have salivary flow, you cannot produce enough saliva to rinse your bacteria that will eventually stink. Buy a gum or have a gum always with you which is the easiest way to get rid of your bad breath. So, to stimulate your salivary glands, chew sugarless gum with xylitolfor fresher-smelling breath. However, if the problem persists, talk to your dentist.

9Keep a check on the whole

Keep a check on the whole

You should be quite considerate when it comes to your body. You need to smell good and that would be your only concern. So try and purchase products and keep yourself clean and neat. It is important as a woman, to keep yourself neat for various circumstances. If you are one of those flattery smelling ladies, you are sure going to get a lot of brows rising. Keep a check on your body odor every 3 hours so you know where you stand. Smelling good is next to self-assurance and poise!

So ladies, go rock the world out there with your aroma filled body!

-Pavithra Ravi