How to organize your dorm room

How to organize your dorm room

It is a pain to be the one to organize your dorm room always. You may be tired of searching for everything early in the morning when you are in a hurry to reach your college. It could be extremely annoying that you have to take time for all this. But, if you have those essentials that can save both time and money, wouldn’t you rather go for something that saves you both? Let’s face it! Being organized in college, could you be a painful task considering the time constraint you have.

Also, think of the happy mornings you can actually spend waking up late if your clothes are folded, your chains are untangled and you can find the right pair of shoes to wear to college? These products, rather – Saviors will help every college girl buy them without any delay. They are extremely helpful for you to organize your dorm room without pain.

8 Essentials For Your Hostel Room

1Jewelry hanging organizer

Jewelry hanging organizer

You don’t have to anymore think of all the places you might have to search for your earrings, chains and your studs. This functional and compact organizerwill let you keep everything safe and secure. Though it looks compact, it has many side openings for earrings, necklaces and small openings for you to store your hairpins and clips. It comes with a mirror where you can obviously check out how it suits your dress. They are extremely handy, solid and can be fixed anywhere like even behind your door or just clip it to the window rod.

2Closet cascading hangers

Closet cascading hangers

You don’t have to loose your hangersor don’t have to make space for more hangers if you buy in 5 in one cascading hanger set. This hanger set consists of one holder that has 5 holes where you can hook your hangers to. It saves you space and does not clutter with other hangers. You don’t have to be in a hurry by trying to untangle the hanger issues early in the morning. This acts like a savior and doesn’t make you impatient.

3Pastel command hooks

Pastel command hooks

Nailing could be a problem at your hostel dorm, so buying a command hook could be very useful for you. Stick it anywhere near the restroom or inside the restroom to hook your heavy bags or laundry to it. Also, since they only stick to the wall, they won’t leave nail marks or won’t tear off the wall paint. Plus, if they are pastel colors, they will look pleasant for your wall and your bedding. This could look great when you neatly organize your dorm room.

4Folding stool

Folding stool

Folding stool will come in handy when you have to try and pick up something from the roof of your hostel. Since it is foldable, you can save a lot of space and it is easy to carry wherever you want to. Also, you can use this for more than one purpose. You can carry it around when you want to laze around or you can pull it when you want to talk to your other roommates.

5Shoe organizer

Shoe organizer

This show organizer comes as a rescuer when you want your shoes to be fresh and not-stamped on. Sometimes, girls don’t really care much when they are tired. Shoes are thrown randomly and then it comes as a shock when they become dirty. Instead, if you have this, you can hang it over the inside of your closed door to avoid getting the place cluttered. Since there are many windows to this, you can either store a pair in one or each shoe in one opening. It reduces disturbance to the other shoes and looks very well organized.

6Under bed storage box

Under bed storage box

Your parents or your boyfriends visit your room sometimes and on short notice. This will come of great help in such situations. When you have all junk lying around in your room, pull these tiny storage boxes, dump whatever you find on the ground and push it under the bed. This way, you will not have to worry about the extra stuff laying around in your room. You can push in your easy storable items in here too, like your books, bags etc that you would take out on a daily basis.

7Hanging mirror

Hanging mirror

Avoiding bathroom line and clutter early morning or when you want to go out, How? By getting an easily accessible hanging mirror that can be hung anywhere in your room. Hang it over your bedroom or closet. This will also have a few sections for your makeup essentials. You can also store your makeup kit in it and use when necessary. You will easily be dolled up for your girl’s night out and won’t be late.

8Makeup organizer

Makeup organizer

You can very easily, save space with a two in one makeup combo kit that will have space for both your makeup and your comb. It will keep your beauty products neat and organized and will keep it clean. You will never have to search for anything if you have this kit.

Buying and storing these products will make your life much easier, hassle free and straighten things for you when you are rushing for a party or to your college. Life is way better when you are organized and when things around you are organized. If you are going back from home to your dorm this summer, remember to include any of the above essentials. This will make you and your dorm look cuter!

-Pavithra Ravi