How to keep your house clean with kids around

How to keep your house clean with kids around

It might become one of the most unachievable situations to have your kid around and clean your house. Yes, it looks huge! You like the fact that your child is curious enough to pull out everything around him and check out for what’s new. But what follows is a huge load of junk that you would be cleaning. Your place is not always clean. Sometimes you would want to pray for deliverance. Let’s face it! Nobody likes cleaning and its difficult to keep a house clean with kids around ! Given a chance, nobody would want to clean their house or room that too when they know it’s going to get messy within half an hour’s time.

If there could be two advices we could give you, it would be to firstly – to throw all the unwanted baggage you have been trying to store for no joy, Secondly – to not buy any more junk and stuff your house. Here are some ways to keep your house clean with your kids around.

Ways to Keep Your House Clean

1Do not overload because you have space

Do not overload because you have space

Remember this tip always. Just because you have a lot of space at home, doesn’t mean that you got to dump them with more garbage. You need to leave some room for space. Make a conscious effort to leave space around your living, kitchen and bedrooms. It isn’t just pleasing to the eyes, but also makes your work easier.

When you have too many things, it is difficult to find where that one missing piece is and you would have to end up putting your house upside down for that one piece. This is the case most of the times. When your child loses something or throws it away, you would have to move a whole bag of junk to find it out. Instead, keep it clean and have less stuff.

2Clean and organize

Clean and organize

If you are in a cleaning marathon, remember to clean and organize as per your wish. Meaning, if you want the toys to be in a box, try and put them in a box once your child plays with it. It is highly important that you teach your children that the toys should go in the toy box. It is even better if you limit your child’s toys to one room since that way, her/his toys or games are not lost. If your child reads books, customize a small library for him/her. Have racks and columns where the child’s books are kept. This way books are not scattered on the ground and you can keep your house clean with kids around . You can always find ways to fix them back in the rack.

3Involve your kids in cleaning

Involve your kids in cleaning

Always remember that when you involve your kidsin a particular act, they will feel more responsible. Toddlers would like to help in such small acts and feel accomplished when they are done with their work. So, always involve your kids in work like picking up the papers from the ground, filling their water bottles or putting their toys back in place. Also, remember to have realistic expectation from your child. Watering plants or folding clothes could be too big for your child. That is just being extremely greedy. Be proud of your child’s work and don’t complain on perfection.

4It is the lifestyle choice

It is the lifestyle choice

By planning a lifestyle, you will be able to find out what is absolutely necessary and what isn’t. Planning a life ahead of purchase, makes it much easier. It is best to pack away the stuff you wouldn’t want to use right now. Making wise choices will help you get things home. Everything you bring home now will have to be maintained and taken care of. You will have to shed your time and money in taking care of the same. There are trade offs for everything so, making important choices are very essential.

5Teach contentment

Teach contentment

Learning to be content is the key to keeping your house clean. Yes, you need to extremely content on what you already have. Material possessions are not always happy and everlasting. You need to say no to certain things when you are tempted to buy.

-Pavithra Ravi