How to keep cool during your summer pregnancy

How to keep cool during your summer pregnancy

For mommies who are pregnant during the summer time, J read this to follow how to keep cool during your summer pregnancy. Whether you are on the first, second or third trimester, during the hot months of summer, you will notice an extra discomfort feel that will just make you go cranky. While you cannot change the weather or your outdoor scenes, you can make some elements a bit more endurable with the following tips on how to keep yourself cool during pregnancy.

Ways To Keep Cool During Pregnancy

1Drink lots of water

Drink lots of water

Yes, this is going to be difficult because obviously, this will make you run to the bathroom every now and then. But drinking water during summer, for to-be-mommy is a great way to keep your body hydrated. Drink lots of water content and keep cool. If you are not a great fan of plain water, you can always substitute that to juices or high water content fruits like watermelon, cucumber or coconut water. This will help for those who want to throw away the water bottles.

2Say a Goodbye to salt

Say a Goodbye to salt

Salt is a surprising element that gets you sweating. Saltcontent adds to the water retention that swells up your body twice the size when over consumed. Pass on the extra shakes of salt to others whenever possible. This will help you stay fine both health wise and to keep you out from sweating like a pig.

3Avoid being out for long hours

Avoid being out for long hours

While it is impossible to avoid the sun while traveling, it is quite advisable if you can keep yourself away from the heat rays. Not only is it harmful for your skin, but it also makes you get sore in places you wouldn’t like to fidget with in public or in office areas. Always take errands during the mornings or late evenings when the sun goes down.

4Take frequent showers

Take frequent showers

Who wouldn’t like to get into the shower more than once. A lazy shower is always advisable when you are pregnant. It is okay to take one or two lazy baths in your bathtub, a few candles and few books of cosmopolitan. If baths are too much work, just get into the pool sometimes and feel relieved.

5Shut out from the outer world

Shut out from the outer world

Sometimes, it is fine to shut yourself and go into ‘I do not want to talk’ mode. If you are working and want to really peace out, just stay out of people and go into a room that has no one talking. If you already have a kid and wants some peace, ask your better half to take your kid out for a play or shopping while you can sleep or do anything you want at peace. This will help you out and not get you irritated or stressful.

6Eat healthy

Eat healthy

This is another area that you should watch out. Eating healthyis something that goes without saying, but eating something that will keep you cool is something that has to be looked out for. Staying away from BBQ helps the mothers from further vomiting sensations. Summer season is a month of BBQs, so watch out for those burnt edges and extra spices. Always prefer frozen BBQ, if you have a craving. Check that all mayonnaise is made with pasteurized eggs and always wash fruits and veggies before you eat. If in doubt, stay clear – take along your own sandwiches and politely decline the cremated sausages in public.

7Prefer cool foods

Prefer cool foods

Strangely, cool foods are quite better than hot-dry ones. This is because, some foods cool your body down after you eat it. In summer, eat more of salads, beans, peas, yogurt, sandwiches, soft fruit salads. Like mentioned above, foods that have a high content of water can also be preferred for hot summers.

8Wear comfortable clothes

Wear comfortable clothes

Sometimes, clothes can irritate a pregnant woman. It is going to be extremely difficult if you try to fit into that dress from your college days! Always wear a comfortable fabric that will not make you sweat and keep you cool. Wool, linen, lightweight natural fabrics help most of the times. It also depends on the fit. You need not try and wear a tight top. Remember, not only you, but your baby also need to breath. So, try to get comfortable with loose clothes, even at your office.

-Pavithra Ravi