How to control overspending during a sale

How to control overspending during a sale

Shopping is always a fun thing to do with whatever mood you are in. If you are sad, Shop!, If you are bored, shop!, If you want to shop, SH—OO-OOP! So, shopping has no control when it comes to girls. Women love shopping and they love checking out everything that is new in town. If it is end of sales season, you have no reason why you shouldn’t go out and shop for yourself. But, so many times, you just go into ‘browse or window shop’, and walk out with a bunch of things that you probably did not need, but got it anyway just because it was on the best deal! Are you one of those? End of sale shopping can be a huge deal breaker at times. Overspend during a sale is done when there is an offer. Did you know shopping is more like an addiction as well?

 We try to save all our money throughout the month, but spend it at one go while shopping . If you are now taking a conscious effort to actually buy things only when they are needed, then follow these guidelines on how overspending during a sale season can be decreased!

Tips To Save Money During A Sale

1What you need and what you don’t

What you need and what you don’t

Most of the times women forget to check this point on their checklist. They do not understand the necessity of figuring out what they need and what they wouldn’t need. Planning what you require and what you don’t is one way where you can actually reduce the number of items you buy. Planning here means that you need to start this from home itself. Check your wardrobe first. You have just been invited by your friends to visit the mall for end of sale shopping and you are excited. But before even stepping out of your house, try to recall what are the things you might actually need. Do a thorough check and figure out your necessities. Well,this not only saves a lot of money, it also lets you do budget shopping.

2Make a mental list

Make a mental list

Try and make a mental list of things you might want to use. Yes, those shrugs are awesome, the pashmina you have been asking for is on a 50% sale, but do you really use everything that is already on your wardrobe? If you don’t, then try to rearrange it. You never know what all you might discover once you re-arrange your wardrobe.

3Go shopping without anyone, if possible

Go shopping without anyone, if possible

It is an extremely difficult decision to make. Shopping without your friends or mum or relatives might not be fun, but it is good for your pocket. Try to give in some thought to this. If you go without anyone, the amount of time and money you spend is much lesser compared to the other option. Your friends may want to buy that pashmina you are looking for, and you also end up picking one, when you know you really can’t afford so much. So, try to ditch them at times to feel better.

4Try to relate to things that are already at home

Try to relate to things that are already at home

If you are buying something, buy it for what you already have at home. Yes, you may have your torn jeans that need a great top to go with. Buy just the tops. Or if you are looking for a stiletto for your unworn dress, buy just the footwear. Try to mix and match your ideas! Never think it is old school to buy just one thing at a time. Take it slow. You are in a sale, that doesn’t mean you need to buy everything from the same store.

5Plan a budget

Plan a budget

Always have a budget in mind.When it comes to shopping, you ought to figure out the amount you would be needing. So, if you think it is worth spending a particular amount, then go ahead and plan it. Check your house for what is not there. Make a list of things that is not there in your wardrobe and then segregate on what all you require. This is when you get clarity on what to buy and what to exclude. It is an easy process that just requires some time to think and a lot of patience when you go shopping.

6Use your coupons wisely

Use your coupons wisely

There could have been that coupon that can fetch you 200$ discount, go for it. Just use the coupon wisely. Aside from keeping track of sales, one of the easiest ways to save on holiday gifts is to use coupons. Retail coupons are available in myriad places. Some stores will offer printable coupons that can be used in-store via their weekly circulars or that can be printed off of their websites. These days, many coupons can be found via store apps as well. So choose your destination according to the number of coupons you have. It saves a lot of money.

7Compare prices

Compare prices

Though everything is on sale, you have to start comparing prices between two different outlets. You never know which one would turn out to be cheaper than the other. Comparison shopping is a prerequisite to smart spending. So always try to have the numbers in your mind. However, also make sure that the purchase you make, is worth it. Blindly buying cheap clothes or house hold necessities may turn out to be a waste of money.

8Try to shop without a wallet

Try to shop without a wallet

No! You didn’t see it wrong. It says “WITHOUT”! Not having your wallet is equal to looking at things in a very subjective manner and lets you focus on what actually need. Sometimes when we are in the store and spending our own money, we tend to think of how much something appeals to us rather than thinking if we really need something. While you are in the store, try to jot down everything you like. Come back home and check if you really want them. If you do, go ahead. You will get a clarity on what are the things you actually require. This will allow you to narrow down your list even more and avoid a spending spree during the sale season.

-Pavithra Ravi