How To Become An Independent Woman

How To Become An Independent Woman

When you become an independent woman, you find happiness in you. You don’t have to rely on anyone else if you are an independent woman and that makes you a self reliant woman. Independent woman not just means physical independence; it also means emotional independence where you are supposed to be an independent woman without falling into the dependency formula. It also means that you need to express your heart out, whether you are afraid or shy or if you are an aggressive and assertive speaker. You don’t have to fit into a certain mold at all. You can embrace your womanhood and become self-independent on yourself. Here are certain things to become an independent woman.

Different formulas to become an independent woman

1Prioritize on yourself

Prioritize on yourself

You need to make sure that giving yourself importance no matter what kind of need should be prioritized. Let it be anything like intimacy, affection or attraction. If you want some attention, it isn’t bad to pamper yourself by spending a day at the salon taking care of your looks. If you want some affection, give yourself the much-needed affection like going out for dinner with your friends or going to a movie or something that makes you feel happy about you. The better you meet your emotional needs. The healthier it is for yourself because you will understand what you need. If you can understand your needs, you can very well understand what your partner will need to.

2Recognize Codependence

Recognize Codependence

If you are codependent you will find out that you will end up being very dependent on the other person. Codependence will make you feel less about yourself and take away all the confidence in you. You will be clinging on to the other person for making decisions about life, work or anything. Strive to make sure you overcome codependency by looking out for the following signs like low self esteem, people pleasing, overly care taking etc.

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3Never compare

Never compare

It is good to have a female role model to look up to. However, be careful that you don’t fall into the trap of jealousy. But, jealousy is quite natural to some amount; the western civilization tends to worsen female jealousy by different forms of advertisements or films that feature impractical standards. Recognize when you feel jealous. The first step is to recognize when you experience it.

Don’t compare your body with the models from the book you are reading. If you do so, stop for a second and think if it is even okay to do that because it is so unrealistic and stupid. They get paid to be models and you are not one of them to be so perfect. Remind yourself that they are doing it for a living, trying to reduce drastic weight without a proper consultation might increase health risks, the camera adds more color to it and it’s all Photoshop’s work that goes into making the women beautiful and hot. If you can think of all this, you are free from comparing yourself from others and can lead a simple and independent life.

4Set proper boundaries

Set proper boundaries

Setting clear boundaries helps you prioritize your own wants. For example, set limitations with regard to how much time you want to spend time with your boyfriend or someone special. If someone wants to confront you, it is fine to listen to them until one point. If you feel you need to stop listening, ask them to stop or move on. Be sure that you have many other things that is going on in your life other than the romantic relationship, whether it is career, family, children or your routine.

Set apparent borders with the person and communicating it to him will help you follow the boundaries you have set for yourself. Sticking to them is important so you have to communicate in order to stick to yourself and your needs.

5Own up to yourself

Own up to yourself

You should always learn to fend for yourself in the real world out there, if you don’t want taken advantage of. Whether you are at school, college or office, you must know to stand up for yourself in your social life. It is important to work on avowing yourself. You need not be ashamed or apologetic for it. Assertiveness is finding a middle ground between being positive and aggressive.

If you are assertive, you can be a very positive and happy person in your relationship as well. That will make you increase your self-esteem too. You should try to use I statements so that you know that the matter you want to take is totally on your head. There is no dependency and you are responsible for your actions and behavior.

6Learn to say no

Learn to say no

It is fine to put your foot down sometimes and say no to things you think is worth saying no to. You need not always accommodate or make your people feel good about them. You need not please them because you are independent and you need to tell your opinions aloud to the world. For example – if someone keeps asking you for money, you can very much decline it and say you are not ready to lend money. If your friends want to borrow your car every time she meets her boyfriend, say a firm no to it. You don’t have to budge every time.

7Trust yourself

Trust yourself

When you trust yourself and perform your work, everything actually falls in place with ease and you don’t have to struggle too much for it. You will find your path and achievements will come knocking your door. Think and pursue what you think is right, believe in your gut and go ahead making sure you move every coin in your own way. It is better to walk alone successfully, than to walk with a group of backbiters. So, do your job and expect appreciation.

-Pavithra Ravi