How often do you wash your BRA?

Do not wash a BRA after every wear

How often do you feel the need to keep your lingerie neat and clean? If you are a clean freak who washes everything every day, LOOK, READ and understand how often should you be putting your bra into the machine! Washing your bra too often can do more harm than good. Over-washing bra can break the elasticity, which is essential for providing proper support. So here are some guideline tips for every woman who thinks washing bras can actually keep it clean and neat!

Tips For Keeping Your BRA, Clean!

1Do not wash a BRA after every wear

Do not wash a BRA after every wear

It goes without saying, that if a bra loses its shape, the fit gets compromised. Every time you wash it after a wear, the elastic componenton the sides of your bra strap will loosen leading to bad fit and shape. Also, if you are putting it in a dryer, beware of the cuts the blade will make to your bra making it squeeze and twist its beautiful cups. Bad move, if you are planning to put it in the dryer.

2Unless you are sweaty or itchy, wait for three weeks

Unless you are sweaty or itchy, wait for three weeks

It is good to wait for at least three to four weeks until you wash your bra if the usage is less. This again depends on the usage of your bra. If you are wearing it for a couple of hours, it might be a bad idea to toss it into the drying machine. You can wait for more than a week or two or max three if that is the case. If you are wearing it during a humid, sultry day, then you are going to sweat more and then, you can wait for a week or so. Washing gets rid of the oils and germs that accumulate while you wear one, so the more oil you’re producing, the more frequently you’ll need to launder your bra.

3It all depends on what bra you are wearing

It all depends on what bra you are wearing

If you are wearing a lacy, sexy bra that could have served the purpose of staying on for only a few hours, you needn’t wash it. But if you are wearing a sports bra which you wear during your gym or aerobics classes, go go!, wash them immediately.

4Wearing it twice in a row, works!

Wearing it twice in a row, works!

For those lazy bums, who would definitely forget what they wore the previous day, it is totally fine. Give yourself full permission to forget such unnoticed small things. It is totally okay to wear a bra twice in a row. Removing your bra, in the night, can help it recover from the sweat, elasticity problems and the shape. If a bra can’t get back in shape in 8-12 hours, then what will? You can repeat it even thrice depending on the usage.

5Pay heed to bra care tags

Pay heed to bra care tags

It is important to pay attention to the smallest details in your bra that will keep it from getting spoilt sooner. You can read the care tag on the back of your bra which will have the texture and the best detergent will be mentioned too. If you are planning to wash your bra in the machine, try using the most delicate washer your machine offers. A special mesh bra bag can do the magic! Mesh bags also help bras from not getting hooked to other clothes. But it is advisable to always hook the bra before you throw it into the machine.

6Avoid the dryer as much as possible

Avoid the dryer as much as possible

The heat and agitation of a dryer can damage the bra’s elasticity and shape, and hanging it can cause stretching. Before you lay your bra out, make sure the cups aren’t misshapen or folded, and use a towel to blot up excess water (don’t wring or twist the bra). This method is even a good idea for sports bras. Even though they seem sturdier than the others, they require careful tending to keep them as supportive as possible.

7Stocking up?.. Not a great idea!

Stocking up

Do not think you can put all your bras together after stocking it up each day. This isn’t going to work as stocking it up can only frustrate you more! Also, if you pile up, the bras you threw in 2 weeks ago start to smell and give out a pungent smell which is not going to be an enjoyable memory! So chuck the idea of keeping your bras in a bag or pushing them together at once. It is advisable to line them up like you see in the stores.

Bras need special attention and that is the truth! We think that the least part that covers our body can be handled the way we like,but, most girls do it the wrong way. It is the exact opposite of that. A girl should make sure she stores her bra quite well, giving it proper care.Here are some tips to learn how to match your bra and outfit. If you live in a hot, humid climate and perspiration is your constant companion, remember to wash your bras every day.

If you live in a very temperate climate, and don’t know what perspiration is, you can wear your bra 3 or 4 times before washing. So there you go, sport on some really sexy ones and don’t worry about wearing it the next day too. This falls great if you are not meeting your guy every day. You wouldn’t want him thinking that you have just one or two bras! Careful ladies!

-Pavithra Ravi