Hair hack advice on a rainy day!

Hair hack advice on a rainy day!

Have you been caught up in a situation where you have to go to a party looking absolutely gorgeous and flawless, but when you hear the first few thunderstorms, you go from feeling excited to ‘Oh my god, it’s going to be a frizz disaster’? Well, if today is one such day, then you can definitely count on the below tips for hair care in rainy season to keep your hair frizz free and look your best!

Advice For Frizzy Hair On A Rainy Day

1DESERT dry your hair

DESERT dry your hair

When said Desert dry, it means Desert dry! Blow dry your hair completely, leaving behind no drop of water or dampness. Since the weather is wet and unexpectedly clammy, you can always count on drying your hair either with a blow dryerwhich makes it faster, or with dry paper towel that absorbs water easily. It might take a while when it is done with a paper towel, but it is proven to work quite well. Blotting the excess water from your hair with a normal towel might affect your curls and be harsh on them. But the paper towels are soft, help you slide through your curls easily without risking possible frizz follicle damage.

2Use an ANTI-Frizz serum

Use an ANTI-Frizz serum

Once your hair is dry, the next thing to immediately do is to apply an Anti-frizz serum. Remember, there are ‘n’ number of frizz serumsthat you can pick from the stores, but choosing the one that is rich in natural oils, fruit or cream can prove to be very effective. Apply the serum gentle on your hair, avoiding the scalp area and massage it. Always make sure you take a minimum portion of the serum to massage your hair.

3Avoid constant touching your hair

Avoid constant touching your hair

You might tend to get over protective of your hair once you see rain drops outside. Touching it continuously makes it worse and brings back your frizz curls that you have been trying to avoid. The sweat and humidity from your hands will directly hit the hair shaft and your hair roots will bulge up causing visibly crimpy. Instead, let the paper towels do the magic as mentioned in #1.

4Exile your brush

Exile your brush

If your hair is naturally forming curls after you have dried it and applied serum, one value added tip is to not brush it hard. The natural wave or curl formation will make your hair look better and brushing it will only make it more unruly. Gently, use your fingers to untangle the curls, if needed. Brushing your hair to remove knots will not only make it wild but will also cause hair fall which is the last thing you would want to see for the day.

5Flat ironing works…. But not always!

Flat ironing works…. But not always!

You can straighten your hairusing an ironer, but that might not come in handy always. The ironer will help your hair stay straight and smooth, but if you are facing the rain immediate, it is better to avoid straightening. The wet and damp weather will hit your hair no matter how covered you are while traveling from one place to another. It not only makes it frizzy but disheartens you by not being straight after all the ironing hardships you went through. Put your machine to appropriate use only when needed.

6Scarf, umbrella and hats can be your best friends

Scarf, umbrella and hats can be your best friends

When you run out of ‘protecting your hair’ options, scarf, umbrella and a hat can be your best friend. Always cover your hair in a gentle manner. Do not press it hard against the scarf which will end up looking flat head once you remove it. Embrace your hair with a hat and use your umbrella. This can avoid a considerable frizzy look and retain the efforts taken to guard your hair.

7Tress it back

Tress it back

If you have tried everything and nothing works fine, then always try to Tress your hair back. Use this tip if everything fails and you will feel great to be yourself. Pull your hair back into a pretty French ponytail or get wet entirely and put the hair on one side to give an ‘I-don’t-care-anymore’ look. You will at least feel contended that you tried everything. Let the rain fall!

8Feel good about an up-do

Feel good about an up-do

You can even style your hair in an up-do. Put a messy bun leaving few curls behind and pull out your fringes. Also try the high ponytail wet-hair-look which proves to be great on most of the celebrities. Give your hair a break from brushing, perming and extra care. Embrace yourself, get wet and enjoy the rain! After all, a wet-hair-look is sexier than the usual!

-Pavithra Ravi