Good parenting tips to help your child

Good parenting tips to help your child

While it is extremely true that parenting is one of the most important thing when you become a parent, you should also know the art of parenting. Parenting is not just taking care of your child. It is much more than just that. You need to make sure your children are on the right track. While it is true that there is no single definition or correct method of raising children, a few parenting tips could go a long way in ensuring the happiness of your child. There are a few things every parent should understand in order to raise their child.

Good Parenting involves some amount of discretion. Different children may need different levels of attention, care, toughness. It is a water-plant situation. You need to make out how much water should be planted to every plant. Some plants may need excessive watering and some don’t. This is the formula that holds good for every parent.

Easy Parenting Tips

1Always give priority to your child

Always give priority to your child

While, many say that over priority might end up with problems, it is important that as parents you need to prioritize your child more than anything. He/she is a bundle of joy that has arrived to your house. Remember that your child is not your property or your investment for the future.

2Don’t clip your child’s wings

Don’t clip your child’s wings

Your small one’s aim in life right now would be to gain some independence. So when she is doing certain things by herself, let her do it. Do not pressurize her to do everything, nor should you to be spoon feeding her with everything. If she is putting her toys away, cleaning her own plate and trying to move her clothes, let her do it. Giving a child some kind of responsibility is very good for her self esteem. Finish it with a clap or a pat on her back and she knows that, it is a good habit. This is how children also learn.

3Do not run to her for everything

Do not run to her for everything

Yes, sometimes children fall, hurt themselves. If you are an overprotective parent, try not to be. Give young kids a chance to find their own way out. If the kid cries, she will eventually come to you. Do not over pamper her even before she needs it.When you lovingly acknowledge a child’s minor frustrations without immediately rushing in to save her, you teach her self-reliance and resilience.

4Reenforce discipline

Reenforce discipline

Reenforcing discipline is definitely not a punishment and both you and your kid should be aware of this. Implementing limits is an essential aspect and it is just teaches your kid to be more careful in her activities. Teach her what is frowned upon and what is not.

5Pick on what to argue about

Pick on what to argue about

They are kids and they might not be even 1/4th aware of what you know. So, try and pick your battles wisely. There are chances that sometimes they might not want to wear something and they pee immediately without your knowledge. Kids will learn all this when they grow, eventually. You need to focus on the other things like rude talking, hitting sibling, etc., which needs to be given much more attention.

6Maintain a friendly relationship

Maintain a friendly relationship

Stop imposing yourself on the child and create a stronger friendship rather than being a boss. Don’t sit on a pedestal and tell the child what he or she should do. Place yourself below the child so that it is easy for them to talk to you. Creating a friendly atmosphere is the most important part of parenting. If you can crack that with your kid, you know that you are moving in the right parenting path.

7True Love

True Love

People misunderstand that love refers to bargain! You study well, I will buy you a play station, you go to music classes, I will get you a color pencil. NO! That is not how this works. When you love your kids, you can do whatever they ask for only if you know if that particular thing is worth it. You do not have to always give them something in return. When you truly love someone, you are willing to be unpopular and still do what is best for them.

8Stick to what you think is right

Stick to what you think is right

Most of the times parents budge when they think the child is asking something from a very long time. If you are thinking buying your 4 years old, a Sony play station is too much for her age, do not! Stick to the decisions you make. You as parents, are much more aware than anyone else. If you do not stick to your decisions, you may be taken too light in the future, which you would not like.

9Make Yourself Truly Attractive

Make Yourself Truly Attractive

Always tweak your behavior with your children. Make it a point to make yourself attractive in front of them. A child on a daily basis is influenced on so many things like Tv,internet, teachers, schools, etc. He will be more interested in what he finds interesting and attractive. He will go the way of whatever he finds most attractive. As a parent, you have to make yourself in a way that the most attractive thing he finds is to be with the parents. If you are a joyous, intelligent, and wonderful person, he won’t seek company anywhere else. There wouldn’t be misguidance that way.

10There’s No Hurry to Grow Up

There's No Hurry to Grow Up

It is very important a child remains a child; there is no hurry to make him into an adult because you can’t reverse it later. When he is a child and he behaves like a child, it is wonderful. When he becomes an adult and behaves like a child, that is bad. There is no hurry for a child to become an adult.

Here are few essentials every parent needs to know to give their child. Growing up a child is quite easy, but the tough part comes when you learn to know what to teach and what not to. You learn with the kids.

Happy parenting!

-Pavithra Ravi