Fun bedtime games for your baby to end the day with

Fun bedtime games for your baby to end the day with

It is always good to play games with your kids right before they go to bed. Now, here we are talking about kids who are toddler age and not babies or infants. Who says putting kids to sleep needs to be a struggle or stressful for parents. Are you a working woman who has enough trouble at the office and wondering how to manage children at home? Well, do not worry! With all the hoopla about kids troubling and being a pain can be changed in a whisk. Help the baby to understand the game, play with them and even before you know, they are off to sleep!

We have some fun bedtime games for baby to end her/his day with!

Top Bedtime Routines For Your Child

1Pajama walks

Pajama walks

Making walks as a habit can be quite a good routine for both the parents and the kids. It is, of course, relieving for the parents catch up on the day’s happening while making their children walk alongside. Sometimes, this practice becomes more of a ritual and fun when there are two kids. They can play running and catching or can sneak to a nearby park to play. The playing will eventually make the kids become tired and they are all set to sleep! Fresh air can be invigorating for you and your partner. Practice this among kids and an everyday stroll is definitely great for health.

2‘Shhh’! The lights are out

‘Shhh’! The lights are out

Bedtime rituals can create lasting memories for kids, either because they’re repeated nightly or because they’re a dramatic departure from the norm. It is good to create a set up where you are leaving the room or playing a ploy. To set the right mood, you should try simply dimming the bright lights right before dinner. It should bring in a sleepy atmosphere and that is when the children will realize that it is time to finish supper and go to bed. Try gathering all the family members, give them a candle and read out stories to them. It can be any kind of story. Fun, science sometimes fantasy stories too to create ‘OOhhh Ahhh’in the room. You can also give flashlights to your children, husband and ask to flash on the other person playing small games like this. After which, it is definitely advisable to take a warm quick shower with your kid or just give your kid and a good bath. The combination of game, warm bath and a sumptuous supper will automatically put them to sleep. Bathing the previous day is better to save time the next morning.

3Look back on memories

Look back on memories

Making your children see photos of themselves or your photos can hold the interestof a sleepy kid. This can be turned into a fun game where you should ask your kids to find out who is who! Preschoolers can be given a game where they are asked to find out ‘Mummy’ in a group of ladies or ‘daddy’ in his childhood. Kids who are a little grown up can find out the worst hairstyle ‘mommy’ had! This will obviously interest the baby in playing games and then after some guessing games, you can always combine it with a story and put them to sleep.

4Hide and sleep

Hide and sleep

This trick is an amazing one that can put your child to sleep even without his knowledge. Hide all your child’s stuff one by one in the direction of your bedroom. Hang his diapers on the cupboard in the hall, his toy under the fridge, his favorite toothbrush under the rack near the bedroom and by the time your kid searches the entire house, he is ought to get tired and go directly into the bed to have a good night’s sleep.

5Go out sometimes

Go out sometimes

The bed scene every day might get  boring for both the kids and you. Try to get your kids to brush their teeth, make them have a warm bath and get them out of the house. Put them in the car, pick up  small beds, toys and their stroller. Make a cute picnic out of this an drive to the nearest-highest point. Watch the sun go down with your family and eat some packed food. When you get back, be sure that the window panes are open! The fresh air and the weather will put your kids to sleep.

6Toy hunt

Toy hunt

At the end of the day, niggling about left-out toys are as tiring as it is unsuccessful. Instead, do a quick survey of what needs to be picked up. Then announce a scavenger searchand arm your kids with baskets or bags. Tell the players which items to search for, calling them out one by one. At the end of the scavenger hunt, the troupe has to put the items away in the correct places (young kids will, of course, need some help). If everyone cooperates, you might provide a little prize, such as an extra story.

7Speak to them

Speak to them

All said and done, games ends with speaking to children. You need to share your time with the kids and hear out to whatever they have to say. Sometimes you know what they are going to say and sometimes they surprise or shock you by saying something that is totally unexpected like “Did you see the old man staring me, mommy”. This is when you should talk to them and find out what else they know. Yes, talking sometimes brings out creapest things out of your kid’s mouth.

-Pavithra Ravi