Few Reasons Why Your Friends Don’t Like Your Guy

Few Reasons Why Your Friends Don’t Like Your Guy

Friends are the only people who understand the real you. They know everything about you and all the dirty deep secrets that you have been hiding. If your friends want to meet your guy and they finally meet, but the meet was so awkward that both of them were not uncomfortable. What does that mean? Of course, you should wait for your friends to come back and tell you what they think about him. If your friends do not have a great opinion about the guy or simply don’t express much, you have to get the clue.

There is something that is bothering them and they won’t tell you because you seem to be happy with him. But it is fairly important that you ask them and get to know if there is something that is bothering them about your boyfriend. Sometimes it is true that friends see the red flags of a person and don’t find it all that right. Love is blind, but even if in a certain way you feel that your friends are right, you may have to consider rethinking your decision with your boyfriend. So, here are some reasons why your friends dislike your guy as much as you expected.

Top reasons why your friends don’t like your guy

1May be he hit on them

May be he hit on them

It could be extremely horrifying if you get to know that your boyfriend who has met your friends only once has hit on him. May be you noticed that too, but dismissed it thinking that he is making random nervous talks. But, if he hit on your friends, you should be careful the next time you all meet together to find cues if he is flirting with any of them. It is difficult to be with a guy who can only flirt with girls when he talks to them. When your friends say it or gesture you on this, believe them because a girl always knows!

2Resemblance of your ex

Resemblance of your ex

When your friends meet your guy, they will look for all the signs that don’t resemble your ex. If any of it or all of it does, they would probably refrain from telling you on the spot, but will keep it for later. They may even think ‘Oh, this guy again’ which will not make them look at him in the most happy positive eyes. It is not wrong to question your dating pattern if your friends bring it up or see it in you.

3Not at all your type

Not at all your type

This could be a good and a bad thing for you. If you have always dated guys who are your age and suddenly date a man 10 years older to you, there may be doubts if he is your type. Your friends will answer that for you. One meet is enough for them to find out if he is your type or not. You may be blind folded with a lot of other happy things that you don’t see past it. So, if your friends think that he is not your type at all, and this could affect your relationship or you in person, they are not going to let that happen. So, this could be one reason why they don’t like him.

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4He’s already changing you

He’s already changing you

Everyone wants their friends to be the same. A relationship changes every girl is a person but, a drastic change in less time may irritate people around you. This may happen even without your knowledge. So, when you friends tell you that you have changed, they are not talking about the small changes in you. They might have waited a long time to tell because you were adapting yourself to the relationship. They are telling you that you have changed only because they see major changes in you and all of them are done by your guy.

5It is their problem

It is their problem

Sometimes for no fault of your guy, your friends may not like him. They simply don’t have anything in common to talk. Your friends are giggly and girly and the guy is probably too manly and may not like the giggly type of girls and vice versa. Perhaps, they don’t even have a reason to not like him. May be its just their assumption. You or the guy have nothing to do with the feeling. It will fade.

These could be the reason why your friends don’t like your guy. It is not nice that your friends and your boyfriend don’t get along at all. You don’t feel comfortable or nice because both the sides are important parts of your life and they all mean a lot to you. But, you have to understand that sometimes, it just doesn’t work out and you need to give everything some time to settle. The issue may be with any of the sides. So, give it a little time while you establish a good relationship with the guy you like. Understanding him better and seeing you happy with the guy may change the way your friends feel about him. It is always about time!

-Pavithra Ravi