Easy hairstyles for long hair

Easy hairstyles for long hair

Party hairstyles for long hair doesn’t require tons of practice, lots of hair dressing, massive hair products and damage that accompanies without a doubt. Furthermore, hairstyles don’t have to look complicated to look good on you at all. Last minute plans can occur and you may be out of comb, sprays, hair gels. If you still want to go out and be the talk of the group, we have some really cool hairstyle ideas for you and your friends.

Yup, ladies, an easy hair style for long hair really does exist and is something you are more than welcome to try. Check out these tutorials below and you will find out exactly how to get glamorous party hair without the extra hassle glamorous looks for long hair are known for.

Super Easy Hairstyle For Long Hair

1Curled hair style

Curled hair style

The first hair style on the list will give you an amazing look even without having your comb. It will help you get ready in less than ten minutes! Isn’t that really cool? Well, this style looks especially great if you have a natural wavy hair or if it has been pre curled which of course not only makes it easy to do, but also looks absolutely fantastic for those days when your hair refuses to look good.

2Braided hair style

Braided hair style

If you run out of everything around you and you have nothing but a comb and a rubber band, then here’s your perfect hairstyle. This hairstyle doesn’t require you to have a specific kind of hair. Any kind of hair, long or short or thick or thin would work like a magic for this hairstyle. All you have to do is to just plate your hair, tress it back and braid it! We all know how trendy braids really are and the fact that you can wear this with any outfit just makes the choice even easier! Give it a shot, and be sure that everyone will love your style!

3Long-straight hair style

Long-straight hair style

Trendy and sexy, this hair style needs nothing but a long straight hair to do the magic. The only thing you would have to do is to back comb your hair if possible and make a different style on the front making yourself look totally hot. This style can be worn with any kind of lipstick and dress and you are on your way!

4Loop sided ponytail

Loop sided ponytail

A totally uncomplicated way to create a very complicated-looking style! Don’t you just love those? So romantic, girly and cute, this is one of those party hairstyles for long hair you can pull out at the last moment, or if you decide to completely change your outfit and go for a cute dress instead of jeans and top. Bring your hair in the front and just wear a scrunchie and you are good to go!

5Long layered hair style

Long layered hair style

Having lots of layers often means having lots of problems to style your hair! Well, not with this cool party hairstyle for long hair! Layers are actually your friend this time as they will create this interesting cascading effect, making a style that’s both simple and easy to do #look absolutely awesome! Give it a shot and see for yourself.

6Deep Side Part

Deep Side Part

A side-swept look helps change up the look of loose waves into something a little more wearable. It is also very easy to wear it within a short span of time. It gives you the desired look.

7Union curls

Union curls

To achieve a structured wave at home, start by sectioning and clipping aside hair onto the top, sides, back, and nape Beginning with the nape, spray each section with a texture spray curl with a 1½-inch curling iron, and clip aside again. When you’re done, gently shake out waves and set with hair spray.

8Curls at the bottom look

Curls at the bottom look

Curling small sections with a wand or two-inch barrel curling iron is a great way to achieve
party style look. Before using any hot tools, apply a thermal protectant which is made with rock crystal that conditions the hair and protects it from damage. After curling, smooth a drop or two of hair oil through the lower portion of hair to reflect light for gleaming, natural-looking shine.

-Pavithra Ravi