Creative ways to tell your husband that you’re Pregnant

Creative ways to tell your husband that you’re Pregnant

A mixed emotion of happiness, shock, disbelief and what not! Pregnancy can take its toll on the to-be mothers. The first reactions are always the best ones and have to be captured no matter what! You might have waited for months or even years to see that one positive result. Now it’s time to break the happy news to your husband. You can just announce it to him, or take tad extra efforts to put a momentous start on it and make the memory an everlasting one. Here are a few creative ideas to break open your exciting news to your husband.

Creative ideas to tell your husband

1. Have you seen customized baby mugs online? Aren’t they just absolutely cute? Well, get the cup customized and print the words, ‘Father to be’ or ‘you + me = Tiny one’ or ‘Tiny one on its way’. Place it near the coffee pot or just give it to him in his hand and see how surprised, shocked and emotional he gets.

customized baby mugs

2. Make a dish out of baby carrots, baby beans, baby potatoes and mix it in a bowl of ceralac. Keep it on the dinner table. This is enough hint for the father to be

dish out of baby carrots

3. Watch a movie or two on pregnancies like ‘’Knocked up’’, ‘’the pregnancy pact” or ‘’the big mama’’ which are quite obvious or if he doesn’t understand, gift him a book, probably “Expecting the unexpected” kind of a book.

Watch a movie

4. Buy him his size t-shirt that reads ‘Best Dad to be’ and place it as the first t -shirt his closet. The joy would be unexplainable

Best Dad to be

5. Take him to a mall or a movie theatre and head to the photo booth and ask him to get in. While your husband would be expecting crazy poses, take out your pregnancy test and show it to him and let the photo booth capture the reactions! Send the reactions to your relatives and friends as a pregnancy announcement.’

photo booth capture

6. Another creative way to tell your husband is to create a film of your life. Gather all the pictures of your life from how you became friends to lovers to marriage, wife and then end it with a picture of your pregnancy test. This is sure to give him a surprising chill.

create a film of your life

7. Dinner and a drink are one of the common yet creative ways to break open the news. If you are going out for a dinner, finish up your meal and when it is time to break open a bottle of wine, break open your news. If you want to indulge more people, inform the restaurant in prior and ask them to bring two normal sized deserts and a tiny spoon and have a sign that says “Eating for 2 from now”

Dinner and a drink

8. Make a memory out of the moment. Click selfies or various kinds of pictures of yourself and the positive pregnancy test result and give it to him as a souvenir. You can make a collage out of it and frame it so he can keep it in his office or at home. Write words like “Positive proof that in the next nine months you will be the best dad ever”

Make a memory

9. If you have conceived for the second time, it is pretty smart to use the first baby to break open the news. You can make a whole lot of new things out this. You can either buy her/him a t shirt that reads “Waiting for a sister or brother” or ask her/him to give the pregnancy test to the father-to-be or even make a video asking her/him questions on choice of wanting a baby brother or sister.

break open the news

10. To make it more interesting and exciting, buy baby shoes, baby utensils and place it in the places your husband sees on a regular basis. Try keeping a baby shoe inside his shoes to see his reaction

buy baby shoes

11. Propose to him. This is one of the finest ways to take your husband by surprise. It is his turn to be shocked, surprise and what not. Take him to the place he proposed for the first time, kneel down to him and open a small box that has a tiny paper that reads “Will you be the father of our baby”.

Will you be the father of our baby

12. When your husband comes back from work, take him to the bedroom. Do a little make out session and when you remove your top, make sure the words “Knock Knock, I am here” is written on your tummy. This is enough sign to tell your husband that you are going to spread happiness.

When your husband comes back from work

13. Buy a box of diapers and give it to your husband with words written “Get ready and learn to wipe in nine months”. This sure will excite him

Buy a box of diapers

14. Buy a blank frame and put up a small tag that says “Picture coming in exactly 9months” and gift it to your husband.

Buy a blank frame

15. Bake customized bun or make due date cookies and place them on the table. You can pull your husband and show him the bun in the oven for him to get confused. It might hit in a little late, but the reaction would be worth it.

Bake customized bun

Having a baby is the loveliest news you can ever open up to your partner. It is even better if you use creative tools to tell him what you have inside you. The above creative ideas can work wonders and make the moment an enjoyable one. Remember, click as many pictures as possible to capture that one moment which is rare.

-Pavithra Ravi