Best Yoga poses for pregnant women

Best Yoga poses for pregnant women

As everyone is aware, yoga is one of the most ancient form of exercises that keeps our mind and body fit and healthy. Yoga takes the spiritual route to a relaxed and healthy life. When you are pregnant and battling different kinds of difficulties like fatigue, sickness, cramps and breath issues, yoga exercises and techniques taught in yoga come in very handy and help you revive your energy. Yoga spreads happiness physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga makes your body flexible and relieves your pains giving way to easier labor and smooth delivery. Here are a few yoga poses for pregnant women.

Top yoga asanas for pregnant women

1Vakrasana (Twisted pose)


For vakrasana, you have to sit erect with your feet stretched in the front. Raise one of your arms at shoulder level and keep your palms facing down. Slowly exhale and twist your body waist towards one side moving both your head and hand simultaneously to the same side. Make sure you don’t bend your knees and not swing your arms back as much as possible. Inhale now and get back to your original position. Now try the next side.The benefits of this exercise are that your spine, legs, hands and necks get stretched making it easier for you during pregnant times.

2Utkatasana (Chair pose)


This particular asana makes sure to strengthen your thigh and pelvic muscles. For this pose, you have to stand erect with your feet 12 inches away/apart. Make sure to keep your feet parallel to each other. Raise your feet and your arms at shoulder level while your palms face down in simultaneous position. Inhale for 2 seconds. Now exhale slowly and sit in a squat position withyour toes. If you are not comfortable standing in that position, it is fine to keep your feet flat on the ground. Exhale and bring down both your heels and your hands down simultaneously.

3Konasana (Angle pose)


This asana needs you to stand erect with your feet at least 24 inches apart. Now make sure you take the support of the wall to do this particular pose. Raise one of your hands up keeping your elbow straight. Give a nice upward stretch and inhale. While you inhale, bend towards your side. Either left or right. Exhale and come back to your position. Flexibility of waist and fat remains under control in the waist region. You can repeat the same with the other side as well. This particular asana gives you flexibility on your waist region making your fat remain under good control.

4Paryankasana (ham’s pose with one leg)


This asana would want you to lie down on your back. After you lie down, stretch your legs,keeping your knees together. Now, fold one of your legs in the knee at the side of the posterior. Try to breath normally and hold the position as long as you are comfortable. Repeat the same on the other side. Once you are done, straighten your legs. The advantage of this asana is that it strengthens your abdominal and pelvic muscles.

5Hast Panangustasana (Extended hand to big tow pose)

Hast Panangustasana

Firstly, lie down on your back and straighten both your legs. Try to keep your body in a straight line. Now keep your hands in a T position, making your palms facing downwards. Now slowly slide your right leg towards your right side. Make sure you are comfortable and safe while doing this. You don’t have to try very hard if you are not able to do it. Hold your toe with your right hand is possible. Now slide back your leg to the original position. Repeat the same on the other side also. This will help your body stretch its pelvic and thigh region. Basically strengthening your lower body.

6Bhadrasana (Butterfly pose)


First spread a mat on the ground and sit on it normally. Now stretch your legs fully. Keep your hands on the mat and form a Namaste pose with your feet. Now sit erect without leaning forward. Now slowly place your hands on your knees or thighs. Hold your position till the time you are comfortable. Stretch your legs again and repeat. The benefits are many for a pregnant women in this pose.

7Other safety measure

Other safety measure

You should make sure that mothers with asthama can try these, but should not hold their breath more than prescribed. Also, avoid bending asanas. There are a few other asanas that shouldn’t be continued after your trimester. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you can immediately do the Shavasana for relaxation. Exercises involving balance should be done with utmost care for practical reasons. If any of the above is difficult to do, do not attempt in doing so for safety reasons.

-Pavithra Ravi