Tips to dress for a short person

Tips to dress for a short person

Are you a person who suffers from ‘I am short-I don’t have a dress to wear’ disease? Worried about spending a good chunk of your life figuring out what to wear to a party? Every short girl is either thinking she should buy more clothes or she is figuring out what could have gone wrong after wearing one. This happens to every girl who is wondering why she was born short! Short or not, every height level has its advantages – and each has its own fashion rules. You would like to also take a notice on what are the trends a short girl should avoid. If you end up with dragging pants or skirts that fall way too long, this is how you learn to dress up if you are short. Take a glimpse over these fashion tips and dresses for short girls.

Dressing and Fashion Tips for Short Girls

Never wear a modified fit

Never wear a modified fitNumber one rule of dressing if you are short is to understand how the human body works. It is obvious that everyone is aware of the meaning ‘fit’, but it is extremely important to understand what kind of fit suits you. Short girls look way too short in a pencil skirt. If you want to know how to dress if you are short, remember that it’s all about the fit. You can opt an outsized cardigan or hoodie, absolutely, but make sure the items underside fit you. Skinny jeans are perfect for you and never pass up a tailored blazer or pencil skirt. Fit is where it starts and ends with. So, always be careful when you pick out something large for your tops.

The higher, the better

The higher, the betterHow do you create the illusion that your torso is actually smaller than it is? Sometimes wearing a high waist bottom or a belt can really help make your legs look longer than they really are. Short girls generally can pull off a high waist shorts, skirts or jeans because it does not make them look any shorter and gives a very lean look. The high waists are a good catch with a long crop top which will make you look chic and fabulous.

Say ‘hi’ to monochrome

Say ‘hi’ to monochromeYou may be a color lover and a person who wants to explore with different kinds of patterns and colors. But girls who are short, this might not come in handy. Wearing a monochrome can help you look elongated. Trusting your gut with a monochrome color is always a good way to go about it. Wearing a single color from head to toe can help craft an extended silhouette, giving the delusion of height. Too many different colors can break up your silhouette, creating a frumpy appearance. So, an ideal choice would be to wear your outfit all in one color.But you are totally against this and want to explore? You can just simply wear the same color shoes as your pants/leggings/stockings. It’s a great alternative, too.

Hem it up

Hem it upHemming, is a part of dress selection for every short girl. Wearing dresses or skirts right above your knees or shorter than that is a great idea to avoid looking short. The fact is that you would have to hem your clothes, especially if you have enormous love towards a particular dress or skirt. You can always choose the option of buying for petite people, but love has no boundaries when it comes to dresses. You can learn it or give it to someone to hem it up for you. Combined with the right choice of shoes would do the needful.

Never cut your clothes

Never cut your clothesNever try to cut your clothes when you wear them. Meaning, it is advisable not to try and wear too many pieces of clothes. Cutting your clothes into categories like Jacket, tops and jeans will only make you look shorter than usual. Try onesies or dresses without a belt and experiment with different kinds of dresses. Maxis can still look great if you do not buy a narrow cut. So, never worry about exploring your closet for more opportunities.

Avoid shoulder pads

Avoid shoulder padsShoulder pads have made a quasi-comeback, although they are not as prominent as they were in the 80’s. Still, if you notice the least little padding in your tops, blazers, and sweaters, either make sure you can safely remove them or put that particular item back on the rack. You want to avoid any kind of clothing that will make you #look too boxy and compact, and clothing with wide shoulders will do that.

Shorties, unite! You don’t have to fear the maxi dress or the midi skirt. You don’t have to cuff all your jeans! Most importantly, wear the clothes you like, and don’t worry about whether they make you look short or tall. Do what feels right to you, and make your clothing work – even if you have to take up some hems.