Amazing Beauty Tips To Steal From French Women

Amazing Beauty Tips To Steal From French Women

French women are known for their beauty, style and obviously their dressing sense. They are definitely one of the most renowned people for looking amazingly stunning every single day of their life whatever they do or where they are. You might have always wondered how this beautiful and simple they look. The clean swipe of makeup on their face will give you the answer to this. They always go with what is natural and don’t try too hard to look beautiful. Staying natural makes them look breathtakingly wonderful day in and day out. French women, make sure to put efforts in the fundamentals whether it is hair, eyes or skin. So, here we are to tell you the amazing beauty tips from French women that you can actually steal.

Top Beauty Tips to Learn from French Girls

1They stay clear of harsh cleansers

They stay clear of harsh cleansers

It is almost impossible for you to find a harsh chemical cleanser in their makeup kit. They are very careful when it comes to skin because they take care of it the most. They make sure that the cleansers they use is totally natural and does not involve chemical products in it. A small tip that works out great on your skin is that – You can use sweet almond oil on a cotton ball to remove your makeup. This homemade oil is way better than the harsh cleansers that will ruin your skin and leave marks on your face. This is the first and the most important tip to learn from French women.

2They don’t care about ageing

They don’t care about ageing

French women believe in natural beauty like we already said. They don’t care about ageing at all because of their beauty lies in what they are and how they are rather than how they look. So, they always try to keep their beauty strictly restricted to natural ingredients like oil, honey, fresh fruits and mainly their self. They don’t mind restricting themselves from using anti ageing cream like the rest of the women. They go natural and enjoy what they do. That clears most of the junk from a woman’s head.

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3Chasing sun for tanning is not their thing

Chasing sun for tanning is not their thing

Most Indians have copied the art of getting a tan from the westernized culture. Tanning yourself under the sun is the most dangerous way to expose your body to ultraviolet sunrays and other atmospherical dangers. French women don’t get tanned under the sun. They are very careful and use hats and moisturizers in equal intervals to save their color. If they still want a tan to be done, they go to proper parlous or tanning places where being tanned is done under control and under the watch.

4They are hair conscious

They are hair conscious

The French women don’t obsess over their hair like any other woman does. They leave their hair alone and don’t trouble it. The main advantage with the French women is that they don’t shampoo their hair even on alternative days. They believe that one wash can handle 3 days and so, they may end up washing only twice a week. They don’t always shampoo with wet shampoos, don’t use hair gels. Instead they go for a dry shampoo, bath or with just a brush that will do everything else, including the setting of hair for them.

5Nail and hand importance

Nail and hand importance

Like skin, body and hair, they also keep and take good care of hands and their nails. For them, hands are the most important part which is most likely to be seen almost always when they dress up. They have a secret way to keep their hands and nails clean and always neat. They use cold water, sea salt and almond or olive oil mixture to rub all over their hands to make it smooth and blemishing. They pour olive oil or coconut oil on their nails and leave it to dry for 10-20 minutes. Post that, they wash and scrub their hands with hot water. This is the trick they use to keep their hands smooth, clean and beautiful.

6Cold water lovers

Cold water lovers

Did you know that splashing cold water in the morning brings more color and smoothness to your skin? Not many know this secret. But, French women sure know it! They don’t run behind hot water always because hot water most of the times wake up the body system, but continuous bathing in hot water may destroy the skin cells that help you keep your skin warm and healthy. A good bathing metabolism is an alternative bath between hot and cold water. French women always prefer splashing their faces and breasts with cold water before they take their bath. Try this at home and you may soon find the difference in your skin texture.

7They choose fresh air over the gym

They choose fresh air over the gym

Keeping a healthy body is definitely necessary. But wasting time in the gym is not the priority of French women. While a lot of other women may sweat their fat in the gym, these people prefer going out in the fresh air and sweating naturally. You may find a lot of French girls playing water pool aerobics or sweating their fat from playing sports outside than in a closed room.

-Pavithra Ravi