9 Things To Keep In Mind Before Practicing Yoga At Home

Practicing Yoga At Home

Practicing yoga every day keeps you healthy, motivated, calm and happy all day long. Practicing yoga at home not just keeps you healthy and happy, but also your family members to feel the positive energy around and stay motivated. Once you learn the techniques and feel comfortable with them, then you can start practicing yoga at home.

Tips to Practice Yoga at Home

1Choose a convenient time

Choose a convenient time

Generally practicing yoga is considered best, as it keeps your energy levels high all the day. If it happen, do not skip the routine. Choose another time wisely which seems more convenient, it can be late mornings, before lunch or evenings. Yoga at these times, can be refreshing and relaxes your mind and lowers the stress levels.

2Choose a comfortable place

Choose a comfortable place

It would be best, if you have a private room for practicing yoga every day at home. Practicing yoga in the same room creates positive vibrations over time, which comforts you and your family. However, if not possible you can choose a calm place at home, where you are not likely to be disturbed.

3Practice on a relatively empty stomach

Practice on a relatively empty stomach

Yoga poses/asanas are relatively best with either light or empty stomach. If you had your meal, you can practice yoga after 2-3 hours.

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4Keep your yoga wear simple

Keep your yoga wear simple

You don’t necessarily have to wear tight and body hugging clothes. You can simply go for loose and comfortable clothing. Also, avoid makeup and keep excessive jewelry aside.

5Warm up

Warm up

Warm up before doing any intense yoga asanas, or else you might be at high risk of straining your muscles. Start warming your body with a few stretches to bring flexibility, before moving to intense workouts.

6Be gentle

Be gentle

It is your own body, so be gentle. Going beyond what your body can take will not bring quick results. It will only make you practice more painful.

7Be consistent

Be consistent

It is very important to practice yoga regularly. Include it in your everyday schedule, which would be easier to make it as your habit. Twenty minutes of yoga every day, shows positive results than practicing a couple of hours occasionally.

8Include other techniques

Include other techniques

Include a variety of breathing techniques and yoga poses or fix a set of practices to be done every day. Treat your body every day, without including a week off to it.

9Fun time – Family time

Fun time - Family time

To add some fun to your workout, include your family or friends. You will never feel lazy, if you add some entertainment to it. It can also make a great get-together for busy families every morning with health and fitness.

-Nikisha Uddagiri