9 Reasons why you should date a lawyer


Dating a lawyer could be a very witty choice and a brilliant way to tell the world that you are going to have an awesome life with him. Well, while most of the people keep thinking that lawyers are very argumentative and hard to deal with, we are here to tell you why you should date and what are the reasons in which he is better than the normal men. Well, lawyers are smart, intimidating and very classy. They are practical in what they do and they know what works out best and what doesn’t. The better point being, they also make your world a better place to stay in with the perfect set of rules and everything. Dating a lawyer in most ways could be very awarding and rewarding. Here are some valid reasons why you should date a lawyer!

Reasons Why Lawyers Make the Best Date

1They are intellects

They are intellects

Well to start off with, who wouldn’t like someone who is intelligent, witty and sarcastic all in one? It would be extremely amazing to date a person who can give information about any topic you talk. Lawyers are very good with statistics, they know what they should talk and they have an idea about almost everything. It is definitely nice when you can speak with an intellect like that.

2They are dressed well

They are dressed well

They are dressed well every single time, which is awesome. Thanks to their amazing profession, they are always dressed well and have the time to look good in their suit. They will never turn up on a date in a loose shirt or torn pants. They will have the perfect mixture of elegance and classiness. They will make sure to look chic, stylish and most of all – professional.

3You will look smart too

You will look smart too

All the fun aside, dating a lawyer is not easy at all. You need to make sure that you are dressed well all the time too. To match up to his style, you will also start matching up with him by purchasing elegant stuff and you would have to fill your wardrobe with premium brands. Since they are dressed always, they would expect you to always be dressed too. You cannot go out with your torn jeans and crappy tops. You need to set aside time for shopping – Say HI to all the premium brands like Gucci, Prada, Chenal!

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4Financial stability

Financial stability

A well settled lawyer will never make a wrong decision when it comes to money. He will be able to provide good financial stability and make sure that you are comfortable with what he provides you. Dating a lawyer will also tell you that they are extremely good with securing the interest of you in mind. They make sure that you are satisfied and prefer you over anything else. You will definitely have a bright future and secured lifetime. But yes, of course they are a rare breed, but if you catch hold of them, don’t let go!

5Legal issues

Legal issues

You don’t have to bother about legal issues at all. If you are going to fall in trouble with someone or something, you have the answer to it. If you date a lawyer, this is the easiest way out. You can just explain the issue and he will definitely help you get through it with ease. Well, you don’t even have to pay him, the lawyer fees. Instead, you can favor him with sexual experiences, later in the bedroom. Fun, right?

6He will stand up to you

He will stand up to you

You make a mistake or not, you are right or wrong. All of this really doesn’t matter to him. If he loves you and vice versa, expect the amazing support that he will shower you with. He would definitely not bother who thinks what. As long as he knows that you are his love, he will stand up to you anywhere and help you get through with it.

7He will make a good husband

He will make a good husband

You don’t have to worry about him making a good impression with the family. A lawyer that he is, he would be eligible to speak and interact with your family beautifully and make sure that he impresses them as well. So, it wouldn’t be much of a problem from the family front.

8Elite parties

Elite parties

Lawyers have a great and a variety of social circles, which you could be a part of too. Attending fancy parties, open bar and free stuff will become a usual thing for you. Social events become more elite and exciting. They don’t hang out with the low profile people. They also hang around with the high profile ones, so you will have access to international liquor brands. So get ready to look amazing and chic in your new shoes and good clothes. What more can sound exciting! Right?

9It will never be boring

It will never be boring

They love to argue, debate and discuss everything and so your life would be spiced up with everything in the right proportion. You will not get bored easily and they also know when to stop talking. This is what they are born to do, so they shut up when necessary and argue when they ought to. They know the tricks well and they will also let themselves lose if they want you to smile.

Getting to date a lawyer isn’t all that easy as well. They are ethical, they are very good with people and they know how to limit themselves. They are awesome kissers as well and maintain a good and healthy diet. So, don’t worry – You can bloat all you want, but they won’t. They have a great memory power which is your advantage. So, if you are dating one, have fun and make sure you continue to do so.

-Pavithra Ravi