9 things a woman should own before turning 30!


Every woman is her own Fashionista! There are certain things that you can find in every woman’s wardrobe without a change. Whether you use it or not, it just has to be there. This is a woman’s myth and it doesn’t change at all! When you grow up, there are some things that you think are useless and may throw it out. Fashion can never go out of age and when you think it is time to throw out certain things, check if you are throwing the right thing out or something that you should possess no matter what! Browse through the list of things to do before you turn 30!

Top Fashionable Things A Woman Should Own

1. A black high pumped stiletto


As you head towards your 30, although you are depressed about being grown up, owning a perfect black high quality stilettois absolutely a necessity!  You might want to consider this as you might more often be attending parties, events, office meetings or pretty much everywhere! A classic pointed black heel looks amazing with everything you wear, from a pair of jeans to a tailored suit to torn fashionable jeans, dresses or a pointed skirt to attend your meetings. This is more of a necessity than luxury.

2. A perfect red lipstick


Red lipsticks are sexy. It makes you look sweltering hot and gives you that ‘OH-my-god’ look. Every woman fantasizes of owning a blood red lipstick, but at the age of 18-25, exploring with skin tone or different colors becomes your priority. When you hit close to 30, one should no matter what, own a red lipstick that will give an ‘Ooomph’ look and emphasize your lips to a great extent. You would have tested and tried various colors and now is the time to own a red lipstick or any shade of red that suits your skin tone.

3. Designer jewelry


There might have been occasions when people would have gifted you with jewelry as rewards or birthday gift.  These are not the kinds that you should posses when you are turning 30. Fashion tips for women! Before you turn 30, you should remember to own a piece that is just amazingly expensive and looks gorgeous when worn. It is fine to spend on yourself, when you know you are just awesome! When owned and bought by yourself, you would want to show the world what a beautiful pair of jewelry you have gifted yourself. This can be your amazing 30th birthday gift or reward for yourself.

4. A slayer black dress


Having a black dress is common and having one that looks sexy is even more common. Every woman wants to choose what looks amazing on them. This is something that is expected out of every woman who is young. But when you turn 30, you should have the most comfortable, amazing looking and a killer black color dress that accentuates everything that needs to be. Once you find the perfect dress that fits you, like a glove with ease, do not feel embarrassed to wear it often outside.

5. A quality grown-up bag


Young women buy anything that looks sleek, colorful, funky and attractive. It is time for a 30 year old to upgrade oneself and definitely upgrade to a grown-up bag. It does not matter if it is Louis Vuitton or Gucci, it is fine to invest in a perfectly good looking grown up bag that marks your age and pride. Own a bag that clarifies your age and makes you look decent and presentable.

6. A modern suit


As a fashionista yourself, you would have probably bought pieces of platform pants, palazzos, cocktail dresses over a great official suit. But now is the time to find a perfect fit suit for you. This might not be the most exciting part of shopping, but when you have to attend the most important interview of your life or when you know you have to head a particular event, this suit comes in handy and makes you look fashionably chic and civilized. The good news about suits is that, they can be custom made and tailored to fit according to one’s body shape. Think skinny ankle trousers and sexy tailored blazers as opposed to boot cut black pants and a trendy jacket. This can do great magic and wonders.

7. Sexy lingerie


Have you wondered how you have been crazy about a pair of great looking lingerie? You might have been amazed by those branded ones that cost a fortune then. But is it like that anymore? Owning a black lacy-sexy lingerie or a bra that fits you right is all that is to satisfy your fantasies. In your 20’s you would have been worried about the fit, and how to impress your boyfriends with a perfect piece, but now it is more about self satisfaction and the pleasure to wear it for you. Before you hit the store, try to find out your exact size and professional fit. From there, choose and pick ones that are comfortable and breathable.

8. Go-to-die pink gown


Pink describes a woman and call it cliche, but that is the pure fact. Between weddings and galas parties, there should one gorgeous, outstanding looking pink or peach gownthat has the perfect fit and comfort for you. Trust yourself in buying a perfect gown that shows off the slender body. Remember that you can wear such dresses only once a while. Buy something you love, and feel free to rock it as often as you can—there’s something charming about a signature dressy look. Plus, you can always switch up your accessories, hair, and makeup.

9. Having a perfect perfume


Having great personal style can often be a subtle thing, and one of the key ingredients is having a signature scent that lingers even when you aren’t in the room, or reminds you people of you whenever they smell it. Owning it at the age of 30 is important so people don’t forget you soon!

The above 9 things describe a person that you are and the amount of happiness it gives to a woman. It is good to have your own style when you are 30 and it is good to be you! Be a bold, beautiful and a confident woman and kick 30’s ass just like that!

-Pavitra Ravi