8 Wicked Tips To Wear Eye Liner For Big Eyes

8 wicked tips to wear eye liner for big eyes

The eyes are the most attractive part of your face. Every woman who has a big almond eye needs no attention to be drawn. She gets attention just with a swift look. Wearing the perfect eye makeup or mainly eye liner might be difficult since over emphasizing the eyes, may make it look scary. As a result of this, it may make your eyes look creepy and too big.

These tips will help you wear the appropriate amount of eye liner with elegance to augment the almond shaped beauty.

Eyeliner Tips For Big Eyes – Wearing In A Perfect Manner

1Follow the contour of your eye

Follow the contour of your eye

The very first tip of eye liner wearing, would indefinitely be to follow the shape of your eye. While this is extremely important, knowing the shape and your eyelid is even more necessary. Follow the line, the curve and the big mold shaped bend. Let the artist in you follow her imagination. Start with a thin line and go until the end of your eye. You may want to even extend a speck more to bring a deeper look to your eyes.  You should remember that it is extremely important to spend time with your eye while applying the eyeliner.

2Know your eye size

Know your eye size

How big or small is your eye? That is the second most important question you should ask yourself. People tend to make huge mistakes when it comes to applying  eye liner. Sometimes women likely wear thick lines for small eyes and thin lines for big eyes. This will not only make your eye look weird, but will take away the essence of your beauty from your eye for the evening.
You should know that your eye size determines how much eyeliner you need

Follow the rule

Small eyes – Thin liners

Big eyes – Big liners

3Try a winged eyeliner style

Try a winged eyeliner style

Winged eyeliner is basically a type of style that will follow up till your eye brow end. It gives an extremely chic and stylish look. You can wear this kind of eye makeup for both traditional and funky attire. If you have an almond eye, just try this! Flick of your wrist aloft at the end of your eye, can really bring your eyes together and make them look extremely appealing. Not only does it look great, but augments your eye lids and makes it look bigger than usual. Always give a thin line for winged eyeliner style as thicker line would make it messy.

You can also try open winged eyeliner where you pencil  on two lines of eyeliner (one on the top and the bottom) and create a tiny opening between the lines, making it look like the two wings aren’t joined. It is not one of those easy looks to try. You need a steady hand to draw the small openings and the curves, but it is definitely worth all the pain. It  draws complete attention to your eyes and really shows them off. You can also do variations of this look by adding an extra line to the top of your eyes and again, not connecting it, giving you a feathered look.

4Thicker liner for nights

Thicker liner for nights

Nights are the best time to play around with your makeup. No matter how you wear your eye makeup, it looks extremely beautiful under the moonlight and brings in extra radiance to your looks. If you have almond shaped eyes, go for thicker line and elongate as much as possible. Add some mascara and blush to your eyes to highlight the big bold eyes. Even small eyes can try thick lines for night time. Make sure there is enough light color eye shadow between your eyebrows and eyes ,which will look bright at night. Small eyes can wear thin eye shadows to avoid smudging.  Play the pepped up look and boost your voguish appeal.

5Thinner liner for day time

Thinner liner for day time

Thinner liner comes with less drama and appeal. This is exactly opposite to the previous tip. Thinner liner for small eyes is much more appropriate and considering daylight, it is apt for office/college environment. Bigger eyes can also have a thinner eye liner, but may be lost due to the size of the eye. This is when you can try mascara or dark eye shadows. Thinner lines don’t stand out much, but suits best for mornings and gives you that ‘oomph’ looks.

6No liner on the bottom eye lid

No liner on the bottom eye lid

Stick to the rule! Go liner naked on your bottom eyelid and that will give you another special look. Try to wear black or any other light kohl/Kajal on the bottom lid and it strengths your eye look. There are many Kohl colors like silver, beige, white that will give an attractive appeal. Usually try the lining your eyes with waterline and that will make your eyes pop. Try this trick and see how it works magically.

7Smudge a bit

Smudge a bit

Every line need not be precisely straight and curved. Smudgingyour kohl or liner does not hurt! If you line the bottom of your eyes, trace your lash line and then smudge it toward the outer corners. Remember not to smudge it outside the eye lids because that will create a disaster. It is risky to try! So try after practicing it a million times at home.

8Lock it in a place

Lock it in a place

People who do not want to smudge your eye liner can use this tip. You need not look like a panda or raccoon at the end of the day when your eye liner smudges too much all over your eyes covering your eye lid. You can always buy a skin matching eye shadow and dab it across the top of your neatly done liner. This will save all the pain and make it look, smudge-free-perfectly locked eyes.

Practice makes an eye liner look perfect! Yes, practicing your eye liner trick is very important and that keeps your eyes and looks intact. If you are lucky enough to learn it fast, well and good. Otherwise, try your hands on different strokes and styles, mix colors and above all learn to keep a steady hand for strokes. If you feel silly doing it alone, then call your friends, try it together and it can make a fun night out! You will make experts in the group in no time!

-Pavithra Ravi