8 Tips to have a healthy vagina


It is actually disheartening that a woman’s genitals are not always on a discussion when it comes to health and hygiene. It is either referred during sex or while she is pregnant. You should realize that your vagina requires much more attention apart from just sex and pregnancy. You got to take good care of your vagina to improve yourself both physically and mentally. It boosts your self-esteem by leaps and also improves your sex life to a great extent. There are some tips you can follow to keep a healthy vagina.

Tips To Take Good Care Of Your Vagina

1Wash the entire area cautiously

Wash the entire area cautiously

You got to understand that your vagina needs a bath every now and then. Not a normal wash, but a clean and healthy wash. Your vagina acts like saliva where it secrets small amount of secretion that cleans itself automatically. A vagina is naturally acidic and tends to clean itself, but that doesn’t stop you from giving it extra attention. You can always use designed products to wash your vagina more internally. Douching your vagina always might not be necessary, but external washing with proper care is important.

2Listen to your vagina

Listen to your vagina

Most of the times, women don’t pay much attention to what their vagina is indicating. Itching, rashes, redness, odor, etc. are symptoms of vaginal problems like virginities or sexually transmitted diseases. Consulting a gynecologist is very important when you have issues with your genitals.

3Maintain a healthy diet

Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet, which is balanced and nutritious, is very important to keep your vagina healthy. Drinking plenty of water or fluids are key to vaginal and reproductive health. Eating certain kinds of food helps in treating vaginal infections. Certain fluids like cranberry juice and yogurt can potentially help prevent yeast infections and aid in their treatments. Eating more of soy products like let your vaginal be non-dry as it contains a weak form of estrogen that will aid natural lubrication.

4Safe sex is always the right way

Safe sex is always the right way

You can avoid a lot of diseases and infections when you put safe sex as a priority. Using condoms will help you protect, sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, gonorrhea, genital warts, Chlamydia etc. Some of these diseases can’t even be cured for that matter. Genital warts can cause cancer and irritation in the inner part of your vagina. You should change condoms while changing from oral or anal to vaginal sex, to prevent the introduction of harmful bacteria into the vagina.

5Go to your Gynec- in regular intervals

Go to your Gynec- in regular intervals

Taking regular gynec- exams are very important and crucial for women’s health. Every woman should have her test by the time she turns 21 or within 3 years of active sex. Gynecologists will give you the right kind of advice that deals with sexually transmitted diseases and disorders. They can also perform Pap smears that will detect any kind of changes that might indicate the presence of cancer. This could be very helpful in many ways, including finding your cancer rate if you have one and treating it at an early stage.

6Relax on tight clothing

Relax on tight clothing

Irritation starts when you wear tight clothing like polyester and doesn’t let your vagina breath. This will cause irritation in your vulva region of your vagina and causes rashes. To avoid this, try wearing natural fabric like cotton, whenever possible.

7Pee before and after sex

Pee before and after sex

It is highly advisable that you pee before and after your sex because when you have sex, the germs in the vagina region and further pushed into the urethra region making your body more vulnerable towards bacteria. It is also very important to wash your hands after sex to avoid bacteria.

8Take special care during menstruation

Take special care during menstruation

The pH level of your vagina when you are menstruating is so haywire that you are irritated almost every time you flush the blood out. Always make it a very important aspect to wash your vagina with warm water when you have to change. Ensure that you change your sanitary napkin every 4 hours to keep your vagina breathing and free from bacterial content. Your vagina is exposed to so much bacteria at this time, that more than 4 times you got to change your pad. Remember that if you do not change your pad after prolonged hours, you are prone to rashes that could be very difficult to deal with.

Your vagina needs to be happy for you to be happy and healthy. So, keep your vagina happy could come as a priority apart from just sex. Groom it well and you will find it easy to take care of your vagina.

-Pavithra Ravi