Unknown dieting mistakes you do

dieting mistakes

Well, every single person would agree with me if I say that we all have had that phase where we wanted to reduce weight like mad people. It didn’t matter if it was going to reduce in a natural way or the artificial way, we always wanted to skip food or diet in the craziest way possible. Well, that is where all of you have been missing out on something. The idea of losing weight comes when you put on weight and the first thing everyone thinks is, dieting. How can you conclude that if you don’t eat anything you will lose weight? It is actually the opposite of this popular belief. You gain weight because you are not eating anything and it is just the air that is filling up and nothing else. Skipping breakfast as well as one of your meals can lead up to some weight loss. So, there are so many other dieting mistakes you are making and not knowing about it. So, losing weight is not just the motto here, it is also about the goodness or the healthy carbs and proteins that enter your body. Even that counts! So, here we are to put some light on some unknown dieting mistakes you have been doing.

Dieting Mistakes that You Do and Never Know About It

1Mistake number 1 – Staying away from carbs

Staying away from carbs

Well, if you are thinking that carbohydrates are the ones that are causing all the weight gain, then you are partly right and partly wrong. This is because; carbs help in curbing your hunger pangs. If you go on to eliminate carbs from your diet altogether, then that is only going to make you feel more hungry than usual. When you eliminate carbs, you feel hungry and what will you do if you feel hungry, you will eat more and more. It goes more than what the body actually requires, so you gain more weight without your knowledge.

2Mistake number 2 – Overeating nuts and fruits

Overeating nuts and fruits

Not many know that the fruits that you eat actually have some sugar levels that you can actually take in. Having a lot of such ‘healthy food’ in turn becomes unhealthy for your body, making you gain more weight than usual. The sugar or fat content in nuts and fruits, will get deposited in the body and make you fat. So, everything you are doing to reduce weight is just making sure it adds more weight. So, next time you pick up a handful of nuts, be careful about it.

3Mistake number 3 – Having excess protein

Having excess protein

Proteins are the most important thing for your body. Accepted! But, do you know where all the excess protein goes? It so happens that all your excess proteins that help you build your muscles, gets deposited and stored as fat in your body. You can have proteins in controlled diet which will help you pass out the old protein content and take in the new ones. That way you won’t have the fat deposit at all. This is the one of the main dieting mistakes every woman makes.

4Mistake number 4 – Protein bar for food

Protein bar for food

Well, what can we say about this? Nothing can replace food and if you think that a protein bar can do that, then you are a fool. Fake protein bars are just a convenient way to fool your body and feel that you are satisfying your hunger. But, the truth is that you will feel hungry very soon. They taste great because they contain a high amount of sugar and corn, which is a great way to add a few more pounds to your body. The synthetic processed food is never your answer for food. So, stop all the unnatural granola bar and eat some good satisfying food.

5Mistake number 5 – Skipping Breakfast

Skipping Breakfast

Not only girls, even elders tend to make this silly mistake of skipping their breakfast. If you skip your breakfast, there is a harmful side effect that will affect your long run. Your breakfast should have all the three important elements like carbs, fibre and sugar. Your ideal breakfast can be something like 2 idlies or one dosa with milk, you can even have an egg and a bowl of fruits. If nothing of this works, you can very much go for biscuits and a glass of milk. That way you will be healthy and won’t hydrate throughout the day or at the max till your lunch. It is very important that you don’t skip your breakfast.

6Mistake number 6 – Being a night owl

Being a night owl

Well, if your facebook posts, Instagram or tweets keeping you awake all night long, then that is another reason why you are putting on weight. It so happens that if you end up getting less than five or six hours of sleep, your body’s metabolism slows down and causes hormonal imbalances. As a result of this, you will end up looking or feeling tired. If you feel tired, you would want to eat something to feel fine and that is how your calorie level increases.

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7Mistake number 7 – If you substitute food with a bevera...

substitute food with a beverage

You should know that no matter how many times you drink green tea to curb your weight, it will not happen unless you eat proper food. Nothing can substitute your beverage. So if you are drinking all the Juices and sodas or tea/coffee in excess, just remember that until you eat proper food, it is not going to change at all because it is only going to make you gain more weight. Drinking more water related items will make you feel thirsty and hungry.

-Pavithra Ravi


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