7 Side effects of tattoos

7 Side effects of tattoos

Yes, tattoos are a great kick in fashion now. It gives you a great feel to have something you like to be inked on yourself. While the outer look of it looks all glittery and wonderful, you need to consider the dark side of it too. While getting tattoos can be exciting for you, did you know most people have side effects because of the same? Neglecting small issues can cause a big problem, which is not very open out there. For now, here are some side effects of tattoos that are not very clear to everyone. We decided to throw some light on the same for your safety!

Top Tattoo Side Effects

1HIV and Hepatitis is very common

HIV and Hepatitis is very common

Most people fail to choose the right kind of artist who gives more importance to hygiene and usage of clean syringes. Reuse of needles isn’t a new term all together. When needles are reused, it can cause various deadly diseases that are spread to your body like HIV and hepatitis. Before you get one done, make sure you see the license of your artist and then go ahead. Illegal parlors are cheap, and one of the reasons why these infections are caused.

2Permanent tattoo inks are sometimes allergic

Permanent tattoo inks are sometimes allergic

This is one of the most disturbing kinds of side effects because you don’t know that it will hit you or not, until you get one done. You can’t be sure that you will have this side effect or not. The allergic reaction in tattoo inks is very common in people. While purple, black and green pigments are considered to be less allergic and harmful, the red and the yellow ones are highly allergic and dangerous. This could aggravate only after you expose your body to the sunlight.

3Scarring sometimes

Scarring sometimes

The scar tissue is affected when you get tattooed. Small knots or bumps are formed on your tattoo area and start to get bigger and bigger. You may start getting itchy as the body attempts to remove the foreign substance from your body. This could lead to various skin diseases, sometimes even skin cancer.

4Further skin problems

Further skin problems

It just won’t stop with one time. Getting tattooed can get worse, even with a sterile needle. This can happen if the ink is contaminated because of bacteria or virus. Red rashes, swelling, pain in your tattooed area are the symptoms and it can take up to 2-3 weeks for a proper infection to show up. It is a slow process, but the effect is huge.

5MRI problems

MRI problems

If you have to take an MRI scan on your tattooed area, there is a sure shot of swelling or pain. Designs that contain large black ink can be problematic, since they have iron oxide. The MRI scanner heats up the iron content in the ink and induces electric current or hysteresis. In such case, newer inks are much safer. This is why you should find out what your artist uses.

6Discoloration of your skin

Discoloration of your skin

The stained part is stained forever, no matter what. This means that if you opt to remove the tattoo at any point of time, your original color is not going to appear in the tattooed place. Your body remains discolored forever.

7Donation of blood can be difficult

Donation of blood can be difficult

Your wait for blood donation can be longer due to the tattoo and its probable infections. So you might have to get tested every time you decide to donate blood. This could be a huge problem when it comes to emergency situations.

The above side effects of tattoos are not all that deadly, but you need to make sure that you have a clean and sterilized process of getting a tattoo done. When you are risking your body into something unnatural and if you know that a foreign substance is entering into your body, you ought to be extra careful.

-Pavithra Ravi