7 Phrases That Annoy Your Boyfriend

7 Phrases That Annoy Your Boyfriend

When you have been in a relationship for a decent amount of time, then it’s totally normal for couples to start annoying each other. It’s an open secret that most of the girls know that there are certain things that annoy guys, and certain things that annoy girls. You may not realize that you are bugging your boyfriend so much and sometimes you just don’t care.

You sometimes do some of this stuff that drives him crazy in a relationship. You might not want to accept the fact, but probably you are one among them. Here are few things you might do that annoy your boyfriend.

Stop Using These Phrases That Annoy Your Boyfriend

1What are you up to?

What are you up to

Your boyfriend can definitely hang out with his friends without keeping you updated the whole time. When he is out for a guy’s night, just give him his own space. If you keep texting him continuously to know what is he up and with whom, that becomes controlling and insecure. Giving him no space annoys him the most, as he can neither hang your call nor enjoy the party. Let your boyfriend have constant guy’s night and surely he will appreciate you for this.

2Do You Still Love Me?

Do You Still Love Me

Yes, it’s nice to hear those sweet words that come out your boyfriend’s mouth, but it doesn’t mean that you irritate him by asking the same old repetitive question all the time. It again comes out as insecure and needy and neither of those personalities makes you sexy. Would you like ‘are you sure’ as a reply if you say ‘I love you’ to your boyfriend? Isn’t it frustrating?

3Is it because of me?

Is it because of me

Stop assuming that your boyfriend is only irritated because of you. He has a life other than you, so stop blaming yourself for every single bad mood of your boyfriend. Taking it personally and cheering him up, might irritate him even more. Do not force your guy to talk about whatever is bothering him. They might want to deal it in their own way, or simply give him the space that he needs.

4Am I ugly?

Am I ugly

Do not call yourself ugly or fat in front of your boyfriend. Your guy hates this. It definitely makes him feel uncomfortable and also he might feel that you don’t cater his opinion. Remember, they are dating you only because they think you are amazing. Doing this makes your boyfriend annoyed as he doesn’t know how to react to that.

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5I’m fine!

Im fine

So, you are in a bad mood! And you don’t want to tell the reason to your boyfriend, instead you want him to figure it out. Sometimes you might be mad at him for some reason, instead of telling him the truth you just say ‘I’m fine’ and this is more than enough to drive him crazy, as he can easily make out that you are absolutely not fine!

6Oh Really?

Oh Really

Many of us generally don’t know to accept the compliments. Simply smile and say ‘thank you’ to the compliments that you get for your boyfriend. Don’t reject his compliments or say ‘really?’ when he praises you; just accept it with a smile. He might think that you don’t need his compliments or don’t even care what he thinks.

7Stalk his ex’s

Stalk his ex

You may talk about your stalking skills with your best friend, but definitely not with your boyfriend. Guys stalk too, but they wouldn’t feel too comfortable if they get to hear that you are Facebook stalking his ex regularly. If you are doing it, Fine! But it’s always better to keep it to yourself.

-Nikisha Uddagiri