7 Foods you should consume to gain weight

7 Foods you should consume to gain weight

A lot of people are looking at losing weight. But there are also some portion of people who are willing to put on weight and it is as hard as losing weight. You should ideally increase your appetite slowly if you are willing to gain weight. Stuffing yourself with a lot of food is not your answer. The way to do it is by eating step-by-step and having healthy food instead of junk food. You can start off with an extra chapathi or a cup of rice to your dinner. Eating a fruit everyday or consuming more than your normal portion would help in increasing your weight. Here are some foods you should consume to gain weight.

Top Foods To Eat For Gaining More Weight



Eggs are a great source for your body to put on the extra fat. Since eggs have proteins up to 1/4th of its total weight, it serves the purpose by providing your body with extra vitamins. Eggs are loaded with various kinds of vitamins like VitaminA and B12, making them as one of the excellent health food. Having eggs as scrambled or as omelet sandwiched between bread will increase the protein content.

2Energy bars

Energy bars

Energy bars are usually the kinds that are substitutes for chocolates or biscuits. If you are looking to lose weight, this could not be your best option. Granula bars are energy bars that help you gain weight, they are filled and loaded with nuts, dry fruits and calories. If you consume in moderation, you will get lucky enough to gain some weight. You have varied kinds of energy bars like less sugar, less fat, more nuts etc. So, try and eat one bar in your evening time to increase weight.



Bananas are a big No No for people trying to decrease their weight. But for those who are looking at adding some fat in them, banana can become a great source of calorie intake. A single banana contains 105 calories and gives you high protein with sugar. Bananas also give instant energy to your body and replenish your energy level. That is why most of our Indian players prefer banana with milk. A banana after your meal should do the needful.



Needless to say, butter is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to add weight into your body bucket. Include butter in your routine and change your diet accordingly. Since butter is rich in fat, a small portion of butter can contain at least 80-90g of fat in it. Although it’s a great way to increase weight, you might want to consider other health effects of butter since it has saturated fat, which will clog your arteries and end up affecting your heart. So, take butter whenever required only.



You should consume a few vegetables when you are looking to lose weight and potato stands as one of the main vegetable one shouldn’t consume. That is why people who want to gain weight, should include this veggie into their meal. Potatoes have a great content of carbohydrates and glutamine and arginine, which is one of the key components of gaining weight.Potatoes or sweet potatoes can be included in the form of curry, side dishes for chapathis or just boil and make chat out of it. Its easy and works well for your taste buds.



Though noodles are a huge No-no from our parents, most of the weight gaining content is found in noodles. Since noodles are made using Maida, you can find a lot of fat and carbohydrates in them. To make it more tasty, ditch the ready made ones and go for homemade noodles. You can make Chinese noodles at home, including a lot of vegetables and spices. This can be healthy and solve the purpose.



Finally, for those who are meat eaters, chicken can do all the fat gaining magic for you. A lot of body builders don’t forget to include chicken in their diet since chicken has a lot of proteins, fat in it. Not only is it tasty, it is also healthy. Chicken is one of the ways to see quick changes in your body if you include them in your diet for a minimum of 1 month.

Remember that gaining weight is as hard as losing. Gaining healthy weight is important and that can be achieved by eating the above foods in small or medium portions. Anything over-done can affect your health and body. Check for various health aspects and above are the foods you should consume to gain weight.

-Pavithra Ravi