6 Tips to pick your bridal jewelry

6 Tips to pick your bridal jewelry

When a lot of things go according to a plan during your wedding, the most important thing that constitutes your looks is the jewelry. Jewelry, fake or real makes a great appearance and accentuates your looks no matter what, why not give it utmost importance? Your Wedding is a onetime occasion and buying the best jewelry is a lifetime investment, which has to be given great importance. There are lots of parameters you have to watch out while choosing and this article will give you an idea of the different kinds of guidelines you have to keep in mind while buying your bridal jewelry.

Here’s a list of tips you should keep in mind while picking your bridal jewelry

Guidelines To Pick The Best Bridal Jewelry

1The sooner, the better

The sooner the better

Keep a plan ready even before you think of buying something. Aim to achieve an entire look ready at least 4 weeks or more in prior with your jewels, makeup and everything in place, by doing this you will avoid any unforeseen incident towards the end of your marriage date. Always go at least to 3-4 shops or even more to pick up the right kind of jewelry. If you are a picky person, start planning 4 months in prior itself. Visit the stores that you have already visited for more clarity on the jewels you may like. There is a good chance you will like something out of the blue. So, give your jewel shopping a good 6 month’s time.

2Shop for your clothes

Shop for your clothes

Yes, it is very important that you shop for your clothes and not for anything else. Meaning, we are asking you to match the clothes that you have for the wedding to the jewels you would prefer. Always go ahead and buy the sari or Lehenga first. If you buy the jewelry, you may later realize that it may not go with any of your clothes. Suddenly everything will look out of place if you do the jewel shopping first. For example, if your choli is halter neck and you buy a long neck jewel, it doesn’t make sense. So, look for details like these when you purchase your jewels.

3Have a budget separately

Have a budget separately

From the overall budget of your wedding, you have to remember to set aside at least 20% of your money for the jewels. It is always good to keep an idea on the number of jewels your parents have saved for you from your childhood. That way, you know what would suit what dress and what in excess you have to purchase. Also, consider your mother-in-law’s opinions on buying certain jewels. Who knows what they have in store for you as a surprise? You don’t want to buy 2 sets of the same kind. Also, keep buffer money in your jewel budget aside so that you don’t have to miss out on the favorite hand piece that you have an eye on just because you don’t have the necessary budget.

4It’s best to take the bridal dress when you go jewel sh...

Its best to take the bridal dress when you go jewel shopping

Always remember to take a piece of your bridal cloth when you go for jewel shopping. You can very much use this to compare the color, metals and other intricate details of your jewel. In most of the Indian weddings, there is a tinge of gold no matter which tradition they follow. Gold is considered very auspicious when it comes to weddings. So, if you clothing has a gold patch or an embroidery of gold zari, don’t hesitate to take it for shopping so you can compare and match it with the jewel you are purchasing. You can otherwise take a picture of your wedding cloth if you are not ready to carry it everywhere you go. That way, it saves your energy and time.

5Have the sizes ready

Have the sizes ready

Sometimes it may so happen that you are caught-up in an important meeting and the jewel you ordered is ready but you are not there to try it. It is difficult to handle both work and marriage work at the same time. But you don’t have to worry much if you have the sizes ready. You just need to get the sizes with a use of a string. Your wrist size, finger size, ankle and hip sizes could be the basics. If your relative or parents can take the sizes and check the jewels, it makes it easier for you. This could save a lot of time and save your precious selection time by resizing your jewelry.

6Assumption never works with jewelry

Assumption never works with jewelry

You never assume that a particular jewel will look good on you just because it looked great on that friend or your relative. Never do that! Always try on and check it in the mirror at least 4 times before you buy it. For example, for girls with wide jaw, stud earrings will look bad and make their jaw look more wider. You always go for long pendants and long earrings to distract the attention from the jaw. When it comes to small jewels like nose stud, second earring etc., always keep in mind to have at least 2 sets instead of one costly set. This will help you choose and have a second option for another occasion.

All said and done, the jewelry shopping involves a lot of your decisions and your nod to go ahead. Buy jewels that you love than compromising on the ones that are cheaper or because your mom said it looks good on you. You need to be very careful while picking out diamond and gold ones. With a little tip from our side, a lot of patience and love for shopping jewels, we are sure you will make the prettiest bride.

Happy bridal jewel shopping! 🙂

-Pavithra Ravi