6 problems only girls with curly hair can relate

6 problems only girls with curly hair can relate

Your hair has a mind of its own and you never know how is it going behave by the end of the day or even by mid- day. You may even straighten your hair early in the morning or before you step out of your door, but as the time passes your hair stops listening to you and don’t even care for you. Here are the struggles girls with curly hair can all relate themselves to. Also, only people blessed with naturally curly hair can understand these problems.

Few Things Which Only You Can Relate

1Relationship with hair

Relationship with hair

Everyone comes to you and be like ‘Ohhh my gosh… do you ever do your hair?’ And you are like ‘it’s natural’. Though they may not express their views, but the way they look at you, describes everything. Also, there is even no need to put their views in words. But on those days when you don’t feel like doing your hair, which exactly looks like electrocuted and you are like ‘yeah… that isn’t so fun’.

2Humidity sucks

Humidity sucks

Living in a place even where it is slightly humid, when you step outside your hair goes from cute to, was I even looking in the mirror? Your hair all of a sudden changes its mood and destroys your plans. The minute you step out, the look of the hair automatically changes and people gives you the weird look like ‘does she even know to carry her hair?’

3A brush is never your best friend

A brush is never your best friend

Every girl can fix her hair problems with a simple brush, but not in case of naturally blessed curly hair girls. You would like to brush and fix the hair problems, but in turn it turns to be frizzy, frizz and frizz. So better keep a distance from brush and pick wide tooth combs and make them your best friends!

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4A different you

A different you

When you do your hair, do people think you are a different person? Would you like to be different? In fact, who doesn’t like spicing up? It may take hours together to do something different with your hair, and it doesn’t matter if you want people to notice you. You may straighten soft curl or crimp with hair sprays to stand. It sometimes stands and people deny to recognize you. Also, sometimes you may end up looking same by the time you meet people and all your hard work is gone into the bin.

5You envy girls with naturally straight hair

You envy girls with naturally straight hair

No matter how much you straighten your hair, it will never look as perfect as those gifted girls with naturally straight hair. It must be nice to get out of the shower and not have to do anything to your hair, unfortunately you will never know that feeling.

6Clicking Pictures

Clicking Pictures

You may dress up, brush up and do make up for the outings, but when it comes to the pictures you end up clicking other’s pictures and not get into the frame. You will not like your messy and frizzy hair pictures of yours when everyone is cool with their hairstyles and hair do’s.

-Nikisha Uddagiri