6 Books you will fall in love to read again and again

6 books that will make you fall in love with reading

There are some books that will make you fall in love with the way it is written. Books are always a great inspiration, whether or not you follow. For most women, books are their best friends when people aren’t around. Most of the times, it so happens that you would want to read just one chapter and end up reading more than you actually thought you could read. Page by page, gripping factor of any book is its content and how it written. Not just this, most famous books work wonders when you can relate them to your own life.

When you love a book your life changes, obviously for good. You are intrigued, you want to know more about the characters and go deep inside and live the character yourself. Are you a person who likes to get lost in thoughts of everything you read? Then here are 6 Books  you will fall in love with the moment you start reading.

Books That Will Make Reading Lovable

1A Tree grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

A Tree grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

If one were to ask what this book is all about, you might be left speechless. Yes, because this book doesn’t concentrate on just one thing. It has love, poverty, families, relationships, heartbreaks, romance and finally a girl who lives in Brooklyn. The book doesn’t just concentrate on her, but everything around her. You will not be able to stop reading the book because once you start, you won’t be able to know what the book is about until you reach the end of the book. It is about everything and contradicting nothing all at once. This book will leave you devastated in a good way and then make you think what life could be made of. One of the best books you will fall in love to read over and over again.

2The Seeker by Karan Bajaj

The Seeker by Karan Bajaj

There are times when you are left clueless about what things around you are. Sometimes certain things are black and white and colors are not in the picture. The seeker is one such book. A beautiful adventurous journey of a man who quits his job from Wall street and travels to find out what his inner self has to say to him. He travels to the Himalayas and then ends up in an ashram in South India. This book will leave you gripped to its story. A life-changing book that will focus more on how a typical struggle faced by a normal human to discover himself, is the crux. If you love yourself, definitely read this to know more.

3The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Ah, the only novel written by Sylvia Plath, this book will confuse you. Get ready for a journey of wanting to know more and more. There are many personal life resemblances to this book, so you either would be trying to understand her life, or would be stuck with Google searching for her history and personal life experience. You will be left thinking why you hadn’t known the book earlier.

4Redefining Realness by Janet Mock

Redefining Realness by Janet Mock

Are you a woman who wants to be a rebel, multicultural, feminist and want to embrace your womanhood? Well, if that is the case, then just search no further and read this particular book. Janet Mock’s intelligent life experience writing brings life to her words and gives you the urge to read the entire book, at least twice. Janet, a transgender, searches her identity through her writing. A thoughtful statement of strong women, this book provides a brand new perspective and thoughtful eye for being a woman in today’s world. She also shows how authentic, unapologetic and wholly her life has been and wants you to read it and be her in the coming years. You will start loving her after you read this book. So, go ahead and get ready to fall in love. With her and the book.

5New York: The Novel, by Edward Rutherford

New York: The Novel, by Edward Rutherford

This particular novel has written in an interesting peg. Here, the protagonist is the city itself. The beautiful happenings in the city described in a very beautiful manner. It captures timelines of a few families living in the city and how the city evolves around their lives has written wonderfully. If you are living in the city now, be ready to see the city in a whole new and different manner once you finish reading the book. This will give you the chills and happening whether or not, you are in the city.

6The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

Before you even read this book, you got to know that the book is a high underrated, amazing novel written 150 years ago that is one of its kind. The first kind of sensation genre book that keeps you guessing and increases your curiosity levels one-step ahead. You will be desperate to know the ending and it will keep you hooked till the last word. It is definitely one of the books that shouldn’t be skipped by any woman.

These are just the start of the wonderful journey that you are yet to experience. Get ready to fall in love with the above suggested books and enjoy!

Happy Reading!

-Pavithra Ravi