Signs that show that you are gay

signs show you are gay

Well to start off with, it isn’t a crime to be gay at all and it is something that isn’t a choice also, but there a few ways to find out if you are gay or not. It always starts off with sexual attractions or feelings towards the same gender. It also makes it very clear when you have constant confusions about whom you like. The signs get clearer if you have some unexplained attractions. These are some of your signs that say that you are gay. Firstly, there is nothing wrong about being gay or having a love interest towards others, because being gay happens from inside and when something happens from inside, it often doesn’t happen voluntarily. So, you don’t have to be ashamed at all to accept that you like the same gender. The feeling always comes back again and again. Let us say that you are a teenage girl, then your feelings for girls become stronger and doesn’t reduce. You don’t have to get scared or get tensed at all, because there are so many support groups who can help you with this kind of confusion and decision. So, hang in there and first find out the signs that show that you are gay.

Signs That Show That You Like the Same Gender People

1Attraction towards the same gender

Attraction towards the same gender

Well, to start off with, you can definitely find out if you are gay by this first point. It is a definite and a surefire ways to tell if you are gay if you have a lot of unexplained attraction to the same sex. But when you find out something like this, remember not to repress yourself. It is the attraction that will tell you that you are not going to love the penis and that is not the calling you should go for also. But, if you get attracted to the boys and the girls, then it could mean that you could be bi-sexual as well.

2If you constantly feel guilty

If you constantly feel guilty

Well, when you realize that you are gay, you might start feeling constantly guilty. You won’t know the reason because it could be any kind of guilt. The guilt that you could hurt your parents, the guilt that everyone around you will know, the guilt that the society will never accept you or maybe the guilt that probably your friends will never talk to you. You will never know why you are feeling guilty, unless you dig deep and find out. You may misinterpret guilt to being depressed about something or someone. It could be totally unrelated and disturbing for you, but this is also a sign that could possibly prove that you are gay. You could have a nagging guilt towards what sex you are attracted to and that could kill you inside. When that happens, don’t worry to open up to a friend or a person you trust. If you go up to parents, it could be too much for them to take. Try to talk to someone who is older to you, maybe your sister or brother. That will help to figure out what you are going through.

3Sexual attention

Sexual attention

Being a lesbian or gay has two levels. The original nature of the person will remain the same and you become weaker or you could just suddenly become too strong and might want to lead the relationship. To start off with, if you are having sexual attractions towards a girl, but you already have a boyfriend, you have to figure it out sooner. The sooner you do that, the better for all the three of you. That way you won’t end up hurting someone. If you already have a boyfriend, but you are constantly checking out other girls, then you should answer one main question. Can you be sexually interactive or sexually active with the opposite sex, meaning your boyfriend? If your answer is even 10% no, then you are not straight and a sign that you are gay.

4Finding fantasies

Finding fantasies

Let us all face it that everyone has fantasies at some point of time in our lives. But it is important to know what kind of fantasies do you have? Look for answers like – Do they involve the same sex or the Also ask questions like if you are comfortable having fantasies with people of the same sex or does that make you uncomfortable? These are few of the things you should know about yourself when you are looking for ways to tell if you are gay.

5If you know you are gay

If you know you are gay

1. If you have confided with yourself that you are gay, you should experiment with those feelings with other gay friends. It is definitely and totally okay if you want to explore the unexplored areas and find yourself. But, in this process remember that you don’t have to let anyone tell you what is right and what is wrong.

2. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl, try to ignore the stereotypical encounters you might have out there about how you will not be accepted or how you are different and stuff. Think that you are not any different at all. You definitely don’t want to fall into the stereotype ring that asks you to behave in a certain way or manner. Instead of doing that, you should probably try to focus on who you are.

3. Talking to someone will really help you find out who you are and what you want. There are a million LGBT groups that are formed just for this and they will ensure to give you full details about this. So, open up and be confident about what you want.

It could be really difficult for you and your family to handle that you are gay at first, but slowly things will change and you will feel satisfied. That is, more important part than anything else. So, if you are figuring out, then these above signs will tell you if you are gay at all.

-Pavithra Ravi