Reasons why you should be a working mother

working mother

Isn’t it a great feeling when you can multitask and do more than a handful at a time? Women are known for handling more than one job and nailing it perfectly well. Since immemorial time, women have been performing the work of a mother, daughter, loving wife, caring daughter in law and so many more unseen roles at home. When she goes out of the house, she becomes an independent human being working her brains off for the good of the company she works in. She is the boss, she is the colleague and she is much more than just that much. For many years now, women have learnt the art of working on their feet and yet running a good family at home.

Yes, this could be very guilty bounded for you. You may not want to stay away from your child without seeing them or kissing them. But did you know that there has been a scientific research done on this and it so proves that working mothers are in fact not a harm for their kids. It has been proven that working women’s are beneficial in their kid’s growth. So, if you are in your post pregnancy stage thinking if you should go ahead and work, here is what we have got to tell you. Here are the reasons for being a working mother.

Top Reasons for You to Head to the Office Right Away

1You will raise independent kids

independent kids

Not always are your kids independent. As a mother, you try to save and protect your kid from every possible angle. Yes, that’s totally fine! But when they step out in the real world, it gets tougher for them because they have been always behind your back because you have been mollycoddled them. But, if you are a working mom, you can raise your kids, independently. You need to organize your time as a parent, which results in making your children do their daily chores all by themselves. You need not be there for spoon feeding your kids. They turn out to be very responsible since you are not around. They are emotionally strong. But all of this falls into place if you can definitely train them from the beginning. Training your kids to be alone and preparing for the same, helps you a lot as a working mom.

2Spending quality time

Spending quality time

Working moms get offs very rarely. A weekend with your children is definitely well spent. It is more about the quality than the quantity. So, when you spend time with your family in the hours you have, it definitely turns out to be fruitful. You are in for so much fun and enthusiasm from the family. There is no undivided attention and your kids are going to love your presence around them. Working mothers make their holidays count by spending it perfectly well with their children. Taking your children out for trips will become your priority. So, if you are a working mom, this could be a great perk. The bond between your children and your instantly increases by multi folds.

3Happy mother = happy family

Financially independent

As a working mom, you are happy. You are independent and you can handle anything that comes in your way. If you are doing great at work, you are bound to be happy with your professional self. There is nothing better than being happy with yourself. This in fact leads to you being happy as a person. When you get back from work and when your children throw them at you, you are not easily irritated. You would want to spend time, feed them with what they ask for and go out with your husband whenever you want to. A happy mother equals a happy family.

4Financially independent

Financially independent

As a working mom, you are financially independent and you can save more for yourself and your family. The future is very important and creating the perfect kind of future is also the priority. When you and your husband plan for a happy family, money plays a major role. Another set of working hands definitely helps you save more. If there are any loses in the family or if a sudden situation arises, you need not think of a confused fix. You already have all the money you need since you have been working and saving.

5Why waste your talent

Why waste your talent

Finally, this is something that not many understand. Working moms are not demons or uncaring people who don’t care about their children’s lives. The fact is that, they care more and hence, they go and work. Plus, why should you depend on the other person for money when you can earn it yourself? You have all the talent in the world and you can make a good employee at some company. When that is the bonus, why waste it?

-Pavithra Ravi


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