5 kind of guys you should stop dating


There are a few kinds of guys who should not be considered for dating. Not that they are all bad, but some kind of men never change no matter how much you expect them to, being ‘them’ is a trait that they will never fail to forget. Girls try, try and keep trying to be the best with the guys they like, but not many actually see through the relationship troubles, girls take. End of the relationship, the girls are considered to be the cheaters. Well, guys are clever in hiding their true self from you. You are in the new found love-like relationship, so there is a long screen in front of your eyes to not see the negative side. Well, we have come up with the five kind of guys every girl should stop dating. If you are dating any of these kinds, stop now, think and break up with him immediately.

Top 5 Kind Of Boys To Not Date

1The attention seeker

The attention seeker

This kind of a guy is the one who keeps his attention on constant check, meaning, he always wants you to give him as much attention as possible. He would start off asking you for suggestions and opinions which, you misinterpret to be a sweet act. However, you are unaware that he is doing it so that you notice his acts and appreciate him. You recognize that after a while, he is doing the same things with everyone else like your friends, his friends, unknown people also.

Your guy should learn to not seek attention because that is what he does by taking the middle stage always. Isn’t it? He would never let anyone talk and it will eventually irritate you that he is demeaning you and your opinions because there is not cooperation from your side. Dating someone like this, break up immediately because there is just one person in the relationship and that is only him and his attention seeking abilities.

2The jealous one

The jealous one

These kinds of men are a lot more annoying than the others. At first, it may look cute when he complains about you talking with other guys. It may even look cute and will make you feel that he is into you. But, when time goes by, the guy gets intolerable. He looks you wherever you go and you are not anymore allowed to talk to friends who matter the most. He gets jealous of everything that doesn’t involve him. Going to yoga classes alone? He might probably follow and check out all the places you visit. It might be flattering and cute at first, but you are much better off without him.

3The pre-eminence one

The pre-eminence one

These guys are pure evil because they will start off commenting on your looks, on your appeal and your sense of style. This is surely one of the worst starts of your relationship. It will seem harmless when he says that the dress color doesn’t suit the shoe you are wearing. You will start believing him for the same and change things according to him. Only later will you know that the entire thought process is different and he is commenting on everything that you are wearing. It so happens that he will start insulting you in the public, in front of your friends and so on. He will never take you seriously and will keep nagging you for all the small issues. Break it off now!

4The best friend

The best friend

This kind of a guy is not harmful. They are not very aware of when they fall for you. It happens both ways. But the only hitch here is, the friendship that you both hold is so much more beautiful than you actually think, that when you start liking each other, things take a toll on you. Both may become extremely distinct to the fact that you are friends. You both laugh for the same things, enjoy and share the same fun but there will be something that will always be missing and you would not be able to figure out. However, there are so many other cases, where two best friends have hit it off for life and stayed as a happening couple. That is the bright side. So, when you date your best friend, make sure both of you are comfortable in the relationship and then move ahead

5The player kind

The player kind

These kinds of men are difficult to identify. They are weird when it comes to spending time with your friends. They always want to be alone with you. He picks you up from parties, brings in breakfast, tries to spend most of his time in the night with you, but never wants to be seen out in daylight as a couple. Well are you wondering why? Because, these are the qualities of a perfect cheater. He is cheating behind your back and is a playing a perfect player. You are constantly wondering if he really cares about your feelings. Well, he isn’t. He just needs you in the night and will side line you when he is done with the work he wanted to be done! So, do not look back and run away from such guys.

-Pavithra Ravi