Absolutely beautiful places to visit in Rome


Rome is undoubtedly the most picturesque place in the whole of Europe. There are some attractions that you should not forget to visit when you are in Rome. The place which is a great holiday spot will bring back what it feels like being in the 80’s. You will love every part of Rome whether or not you are a person who loves architecture. The city is always filled with passion, enthusiasm and most of all with fashion and art. The place is rare and one of its kind. True travelers, lovers of fashion and art, photographers and of course, couples just love to visit Rome as it has always been their inspiration. If you want to know what the best about this place is, it could be more on the lines of food, fad and fashion. So, here we are to tell you the absolutely beautiful places to visit in Rome.

Make Rome your holiday spot and enjoy the beauty!

Amazing Places to Visit in Rome

1Must visit the Coliseum

Must visit the Coliseum

The Coliseum falls as one of the ‘must see’ attraction of Rome as it is the undeniable jewel of the ancient Roman architecture. You will be stunned to know that this particular place still brings in millions of travelers and architectures to take notes on the beauty of its design. This could easily be the striking symbol of love and charms its visitors with its artistic designs. It doesn’t matter if you love architectural designs, buildings or not, the moment you enter the place, you feel the spirit of a Roman Empire. You will hear stories of the Empire and his Roman audience who enchantingly greeted the King every time he entered the place. There have been naval battles that were played out with real and artistic ships in this place for which the centre part of the building was filled with real water to enjoy the fight and have fun. There are about 5-6 million people who visit the Coliseum every year to enjoy and live the stories of the Empire. You can book your tickets online to this wonderful place to avoid standing in long cues and waiting to get inside.

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2Next stop -Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona

The next stop for you to visit as you as you get down in Rome is the most famous public space called Piazza Navona, which is magnificent, all by itself. The place is Oval Square in shape and is dumped with restaurants, ice cream parlors, bars, coffee shops and souvenir shops. The moment you enter this place, you will see Baroque art at Bernini’s Fountain that is associated to the Four rivers. One other important place that you will notice is the St. Agnes from Francesco Borromini. This place is the centre for many museums of the city. There is a special place called Braschi Palace that will just take you back in time to the ancient art forms during the Renaissance. Rome of course is rich its form for Italian food, wine and espresso. When you have the time or need a break, you could walk into Via Della Pace, which is also a picturesque road that is filled with food counters and restaurants that you will enjoy.

3The Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica

The Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica

You would require almost a full day to visit this particular place – The Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica because there is a lot of walking and learning that has to be done. You can start your day with St. Peter’s Square where you will experience the world’s largest building St. Peter’s Basilica which covers 15,000 square meters. There are also museums inside the place. One such is the Vatican Museum where you can find the hidden Michelangelo’s celebrated Sistine Chapel. After this, you can visit the Raphael rooms which are packed with frescoes of masterpiece art and sculpted works from the ancient times.

You can end your day with spending some time to visit the Castel di Sant’Angelo where you can enjoy viewing the Vatican city and the river which flows by the side called Tiber. Doesn’t this place sound exiting and beautiful?

4The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps

You can’t leave Rome without checking out the well-known Spanish steps. It is a place where you can meet all kinds of artistic, creative minds like writers, photographers, international passerby. This could easily be the epicenter for all the events that take place in Rome. The beauty of this place falls during the spring when they are painted with amazing colors and decorated with floral arrangements. After this, you can head to Basilica of Trinity del Monte where you can witness the Bernini’s fountains how. You can click as many pictures as you want in front of this beautiful fountain. The colors keep changing and is a wonderful place to relax on the evenings.

There are a few local café places in this area like Voa COndotti which is the oldest coffee place in Rome.

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5Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi

You can finally complete your trip on the swing by the legendary Trevi Fountain where you can throw a coin in it. There is an age old belief that whoever throws a coin into this fountain will be returning to the Eternal city of love. The Trevi fountain is also the richest fountain in the entire world with a whooping turnover of 7,00,000 Euros per year. The money that the place gets is divided into the city’s monetary budget and international caritas foundation by whom the fountain was built.

After this, you can lose yourself anywhere in the city and enjoy the streets and corners eating and drinking your favorite food. You can go wine tasting and enjoy the roman cuisine too. You can get into any of the restaurant and ask for their dish and they will make it for you. In Rome, the visitors are treated like gods and so you can be the god for the day! These are the most important places to visit in Rome

If you have been to Rome, give us your comments below and if you can suggest few places that you loved.

-Pavithra ravi