12 embarrassing pregnancy questions… answered!

12 embarrassing pregnancy questions… answered!

Pregnancy is an amusing concept that involves patience, serenity, time consumption and what not! When you are pregnant, all that you can think about are the questions that keep your mind busy. There are some things you know and are freaked about and some things you do not even know and are freaked to know! It is a life changing process and the life changing cute thing is inside, playing, kicking and jumping. It is amazing how your body adapts, changes and nurtures this growing process of a person. Every stage of a woman is filled with questions and confusions. Remember the times when you wanted to know what puberty was? This is the same stage when you would want to know what pregnancy is!

There are several things in a baby growing process. From knowing about poop, to hair growth to gas etc, most of the questions are rather embarrassing to ask. Well, to avoid such kind of discomfiture and embarrassment, we are ready with those pregnancy questions for which you are searching answers!

Some Questions Answered About Pregnancy

1Am I Constipating?


Do you feel constipated always when you are pregnant?  If yes, then do not worry because this is something that is normal.  Constipation is not something you would want to be dealing with, but it gets worse when you are pregnant.It is common and one other unfriendly side effect of all those surging pregnancy hormones. A piece of advice, do not think about it until you think it is happening. Just forget about it, drink lots of water and breathe fresh air. You do not want to experience this for sure!

2Vaginal fluid – Yiieeks!


During pregnancy, you tend to get wet more than necessary. It may not be a pretty happening in your pregnant life that stands out as a memory. The increase in vaginal discharge during the first trimester can be attributed to hormonal changes and may leave you leaking almost all the time. If you are going through something of this sort, do not worry. It is just ‘pee’ and not your water breaking. Do not run to the hospital thinking your water just broke!

3Increased sex dreams


When you are pregnant, your estrogen levels are increasingly high and make you dream about sex. If you are having sexy dreams, it is only because of your raised hormonal levels that increase vaginal secretions, sensitivity and enlarged breasts which mean you are sexually driven. Just go with the flow. Take an extra nap or two to keep the dream continues. Just go with them, and maybe sneak in an extra nap or two during the day.

4Why is my vagina swelling?


It is sure to anticipate that you are under major hormonal imbalance or changes that make your vagina blow up in size. Like how the vagina increases in size after birth, it also has the same effect before birth. The only reason is the blood pressure flow that circulates in your body and mainly to the pelvic region. It can also be because of the pressure your baby is putting in the pelvic region. Get ready mothers, you are almost close!

5Can babies fart?


Babies insides your uterus does not fart. If you hear sounds from inside your stomach, that is because you are internally farting. What that means is, when you eat gassy food or when you feel extra gassy, your baby can hear the internal noises that your stomach makes. Since babies can eat and urinate, you feel that something inside is making noise. It in fact is you! Feeling yuck already? Well, do not! The baby can hear and feel everything from the 10th week. So think how the babies should feel!

6Contraction after sex


Do you often have contractions after having sex? It is not totally uncommon to feel that way. This can be an alarming situation for you, but this is totally normal. This happens because of certain kinds of orgasms or semen secretion that goes deep inside. When you feel uncomfortable, gently get up, drink some water and lay down. If you are at risk of pre birth, your doctor will ask you to restrict sex until the baby is born.

7What if my water breaks in public?


Are you afraid that your water might break in public? There have been some movies that depict water breaking in a marriage hall or a grocery store causing immense happiness to people around. Well, if that is what you are worried about, then do not be! Because most of the times, water breaking is limited to a gush of continuous water droplets. It is close to urinating and you can just walk away to the hospital without seeking attention. If it happens like in the movies, then pretend to be a star and walk away like one!

8Will I poop during delivery?


It is the most common and regular doubt a lady has about her pregnancy. Yes, it is true that when you get into pre-labor your body is tensed up and you are going through pressure which will lead to diarrhea! If you have a good nurse, then she will not even bother about what is happening down there since she would be assisting the doctor. If you feel embarrassed, there is nothing to be because it happens. If it happens, let it. You will be busier in taking a look at your little one coming out. So poops would not be your concern at all!

9Is it ok to groom my genitals?


Probably yes, it is fine, but be aware of not doing it in your final trimester which affects the skin. You do not want to spoil your skin or make any kind of rough cuts to your smooth skin which is already going to be in a lot of pain. Parlors are a good choice, but make sure they wax it clean off after consulting your doctor. It doesn’t really matter since your baby is happily inside, unaware if you are waxed or natural!

10Vomiting in public


Handling puking in public is quite a task. It is difficult to not feel nauseous and queasy. It is always better to take a paper bag or two in your bag to avoid any kind of throwing up on the floor. It does not matter if you are in the middle of the store or a mall or even a movie, if you have to throw up, just spring open the paper bag and do your job. If you find time to go to the washroom, please do so, but a paper bag is easy and does not make it look dirty! Of course, people will stare, but who cares, you are pregnant!

11Can I have sex?


Of course you can have all the sex. Are you worried if the baby can feel the sex? Then it’s a NO! You needn’t worry about that, since the baby cannot feel anything. If there is anything, the baby says thanks to the increased heart beat. Unless your doctor has restricted you from doing it, you can do it all day long!

12What is with all the body odor?


Stocking up on more and more deodorant lately? It can all be traced back to pregnancy hormones, the increase in body fluid, and increased metabolism that can all be to blame for the odor and extra sweating. It won’t last forever and until then, just take more showers and keep yourself clean.

There is definitely more to this that the above mentioned. Pregnancy can be a beautiful-and-confusing process. You may feel like cursing yourself for being knocked up and for the change in your body. But hey, when you feel disgusted, touch your stomach and tell him/her to not hurt you so much when he/she comes out. It is going to wonderful and worth all the pain when you see those tiny little fingers, eyes and a smile on your husband’s face!

-Pavithra Ravi