11 Things You Always Want To Know About an Open Relationship


There are a number of relationships coming up in this small world and it’s hard to keep a track of each relationship that is born each day. And one of those is ‘open relationships’, where every individual is keen to know about, and it is the most happening relationship these days. So do you have several questions running through your mind? If you always want to know what the actual open relationship is and how does it work, then browse through the following points.

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1What is an open relationship?


An open relationship is a relationship, where sex is an open topic which can be had with any number of people. It isn’t frowned upon!

2How can you share everything with your partner?


Well, not everything though! You need not to write a thesis on 50 Shades of Gray. There’s no need to share the dirty secrets of your blunders or your kinky adventures. You have to keep it simple and tell them that you are seeing other people too, for sex!

3Are there any rules in the relationship?


The rules in an open relationship vary from your straight relationships. They differ from couple to couple, and there are guidelines laid down before you to decide on getting into an open relationship and flouting the rules mean ending the relationship.

4Who makes these rules?


The rules are not hard and fast and neither set by an organization or by any society. Every and each couple in an open relationship set and live their own rules. The rules may differ from couple to couple, but the bottom line remains the same, that is ‘a promise of complete honesty and transparency in the relationship’.

5But do both need to have multiple partners?


Ideally, in an open relationship, you are allowed to experiment without feeling the guilt of cheating on the other person if you tell them you are attempting to see other people. But, if only one partner is interested in seeing other fish in the pond, then that’s okay too.

6Are open relationships, cheat-free relationships?


No! The system for being dishonest in an open relationship are diverse. While generally, it is a physical conformity that is considered to be the utmost importance in relationships. Here, it has little significance. The rules are different and vary from one open relationship to the other. For example: It might be okay for both partners to sleep with strangers or have one night flings, but not sleep with someone they both know or are friends with or, sometimes it might be okay to sleep with friends.

7Can couples in an open relationship be married?


Yes, sure! Why not? Couples in an open relationship have a very normal married life. The partners go to work, share their daily lives with each other, help in household chores, go for vacations, etc. But except for the sex part. They have sex not just with each other but also even with others.

8What about children of those in open relationships? And...


Well, you don’t need to share details of your private life with your children. Couples in monogamous relationships don’t tell their children each time they decide to have sex. So why should those in an open relationship? It remains between the partners and explain children once they’re grown up.

Their relationships outside are purely physical and only for sexual gratification. However, in case of a torn condom and if the outsider gets pregnant, then it depends on the couple how they resolve the issue. They can either adopt the child as their own, or if the mother wants to keep it, they can help with finances. It depends on what the couple decides. However, such cases are pretty rare in an open relationship.

9Do homosexuals have open relationships?


Of course, yes! Homosexual relationships are not all monogamous. They can have an open relationship too.

10Is Husband-swapping an open relationship?


Things like wife-swapping and husband – swapping could be a one-time affair, and not practiced ever again. Or it can also be the result of a drunken night. But, if they repeat it constantly, then yes, it could be a form of an open relationship.

11Are such relationships, emotion less relationships?


Perfectly not! There are a lot more emotions than lust. Such relationships are based on trust, honesty and an attempt to ruin jealousy. There are the feelings of love and companionship in it.

-Nikisha Uddagiri