11 Makeup Mistakes Girls Do

11 Makeup Mistakes Girls Do

It is very natural that people should wish to look younger, smarter and way prettier than their age. It is something everyone desires for and there is nothing wrong in that. There would have been days when you would have decked your face with all kinds of makeup, foundation, or turbo tan products. Everyone has done this and regretted it while flipping photos on Facebook and Instagram. There are those mistakes that you thought were silly and deleted immediately and those that you are still doing! Are you perfect with your makeup? There are a few make up tips every girl has to know.

To clear the air of confusion, we have come up with some tips that tell you that what you think isn’t all that right! So browse through these make up mistakes you have done all this time.

Top Makeup Mistakes that Girls Probably Do

Wearing the wrong foundation

Wearing the wrong foundationThis is one of the most common mistakes everyone does. It is not all that difficult to find out what shade suits you the best. It takes you 2 shades to compare and make sure which one suits closest to your skin color. It is always better to apply two kinds of foundation colors to your jaw line or your cheek. Always go and stand in the natural sunlight and check in the mirror. Whichever looks closest to your skin color, apply that and you have the correct foundation.

Dry skin makeup

Dry skin makeupIt is a big NO-NO to wear makeup on dry skin that too when you are planning on going out in the sun. Applying makeup on dry skin creates flakiness and makes it worse by not blending into the skin tone. This can be avoided easily by taking a good scrub-face wash followed by applying moisturizer on a regular basis. When makeup is put after exfoliation, one can avoid skin repair.

Wrong blush

Wrong blushWhen you have a darker look and a scary makeup, it is definitely because of your blush. Remember, wearing blush is an art and should not be over-done. Make sure you are wearing a similar skin tone blush color. If you try wearing a contrast color, it might be overdone and would not blend with your skin. Wearing a contrasting lip shade with a subtle blush is always advisable to give a charming look.

Usage of too much bronzer

Usage of too much bronzerApplying bronzer is an important part of your makeup. Consider applying bronzer on your forehead/temples, the cheek below your eye, bridge of your nose, chin and mainly your neck. Never apply bronzer as a foundation which will make you look dark complexioned than you are. Appropriate usage makes it look elegant. This is one minor mistake everyone tends to do.

Not washing makeup brushes

Not washing makeup brushesThis is also a common mistake every girl makes. Not washing or cleaning your used brushes will give a dull and un-fresh makeup look. Always remember to have more than one makeup brush for each product and make sure you dry your sponges on regular basis. It is advisable to wash your brushes with a mild touch of shampoo or makeup cleanser. It is very important to take care of your brushes/sponges as you give importance to your face or skin.

Not having two kinds of makeup

Not having two kinds of makeupMany people do not prefer to have two sets of makeup kits. They think it is the same foundation, lipstick or bronzer that can be used year long. This is a wrong perception and that has to be updated in everyone’s minds. Like how a year has 4 seasons, your face needs two kinds of makeup. One for the summer and the other set for winter. Your face becomes four times darker during summer and applying the same make up spoils your skin and dries it showing no signs of fresh makeup.

Not testing makeup shades in the correct areas

Not testing makeup shades in the correct areasPeople tend to try the shades in the wrong areas and assume the color of the skin tone is right. If you have been trying it on back of your hands or even your neck, then you are wrong. The only place you can try the makeup, is on your jaw line which gives the best results. Your hands might have more sunburns or reddishness than your face. Start applying in the given specific area.

Not testing at all!

Not testing at all!This is another mistake everyone tends to do. Is it due to laziness or sheer lack of knowledge, people do not test their makeup. You never know what a bottle says and how it is when you apply. Every product has a sample bottle where one can try the shade, color, texture, etc. It is very essential to test your makeup.

Over powdering your face

Over powdering your faceAre you a powder lover? Do you apply powder too much and not know when to stop? Then here is how you know when to stop – Always have a calculation when you apply the powder. Make sure you look one time brighter than your normal look. Twice is overdone and makes you look scary. If you feel you have too much powder on you, use blot film paper that absorbs oil off your face which is eventually lessen the powder.

Over applying lip gloss

Over applying lip glossIt is generally touted that lip gloss has to be applied throughout your lips. It is exactly opposite to the thinking. Lip gloss is applied only on the central area of your lips, which gives shiny bright pouted lips. Applying gloss all over your lips makes it look scalded. It is not 2004 and you are not 14!

Fixing makeup on tired eyes

Fixing makeup on tired eyesEvery day is not a bright, new and a happy day. People tend to have off days or days when makeup is not much of a concern. But if you have to be going for a mandate party or an event where you have to look kick-ass, then here is a method to wake your eyes up. Use a white pencil on your water line to remove any kind of reddishness. This makes your eyes bright and then you can always club it with a eye liner or skin colored shadow to pep it up. Nude colors are the best to wake up a dead looking eye.

Makeup is an important element in every woman’s life. It is indeed an essential element that keeps your face glowing and makes you look ordinarily beautiful. Remember, overdoing anything may cause embarrassment. Explore, be creative, but test and try before you wear the makeup outside. For all you know, other women may pick up something they saw new in you! Be the trend changer and beautifully bold!

-Pavithra Ravi