10 Ways To Be Good To Yourself

10 Ways To Be Good To Yourself

There are a certain situations in life where you have to try not to think about others and start concentrating on yourself. So many people come and go, but one thing doesn’t change and that is you. You stay by your side every time and don’t hesitate to take your own decisions. What you think is always right and you don’t feel guilty about it. This is how you should always act also. There are some ways to be good to yourself which can start from today.

Top Ways to Choose How to Be Nice to Yourself

1Choose you

Choose you

Even if you are upsetting others, it is fine sometimes to choose over them and move on to choosing you. If you don’t want to do something, it is fine to not do and choose what you want to do. For example – If you don’t want to go out somewhere, it is fine to tell your friends to not come over or tell them that you are not in the mood to go out today. Even if it means, you will sit alone and watch TV. When you choose yourself over others, you can feel good about the fact that you are doing something that is not being judged or even frowned at by others.

2Being truthful

Being truthful

When you are true to yourself, you are giving yourself a break from the so called reality. Let’s face it, reality checks are extremely important in everyone’s life. You need not be true for people, but you need to be true to your conscience. Knowing what is true and false, good and bad and questioning yourself about the decisions and outcomes is fine. You owe being true to yourself.

3Treat your body

Treat your body

After a hard day’s work at the office, all your body wants you to do is to give it some rest. While your mind can keep running 24/7, body needs to rest at least for a few hours before it starts to work again. So, sleep, take a walk on a calm road, run if you want to or even exercise at home so that you feel relaxed. Do anything that your body asks you to do so that you can keep your body happy. Consider it as another person to realize the importance it plays in your life.

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4Comfortable clothes

Comfortable clothes

You need to come out of the fashion hole for at least a day or two and wear clothes that are comfortable and the ones you love. You may have to be wearing fashionable clothes or professional clothes at work, but you don’t have to do that when you go out. If you want to wear a harrams and a t shirt to a high class mall, do it! Don’t think of the girls or guys who will stare at you. They are no one to you when you know you are doing it for yourself.

5Build your life

Build your life

Parents, boyfriends, friends, relatives and so many other third party people are always going to be there. What will not be there to think later will be your life. So, build your life according to how you want it to be. If you are old enough to take decisions in your life, clear it with your parents and tell them that you need to decide your life on your own. Make room for creativity when you build a life. If your boyfriend comes in the way of doing so, you should probably rethink your decision. A person who doesn’t support your decisions, will never support you.

6Accept everything about you

Accept everything about you

Acceptand appreciate yourself and your body. If someone says that you have put on weight and you have been getting that a lot for the past few months, don’t hide from it or be in denial. Accept the fact that you have put on weight. This way you will start thinking about the fact of losing your weight once you accept it completely. When you start accepting yourself, your flaws come out to light more often and there is room for change in you.

7Make time

Make time

Do you want to play basketball on a Sunday while you have reservations with your boyfriend. Make time for yourself and just play! You can either make your boyfriend come along and play with you or if you need alone time, ask him to cancel or reschedule the reservations.

8Don’t blame anyone

Don’t blame anyone

Blaming others or yourself for that matter never heals anybody or any situation. You should never blame your parents or siblings for your current situation. Instead, try to find ways to heal the pain that you are suffering. Change the way you are running your life if all you have faced is failures. This way you will create a new path and dimension for yourself and go ahead.

9Follow your gut

Follow your gut

When you accept and follow your gut, you are giving yourself a star. You should live by what you think is right, whether it is a life altering thing or a small change in life. This way, you will know that every time you travel through your gut, you will end up being a good decision maker.

10Love yourself

Love yourself

You need to love and accept yourself even when you fail. It is almost easy to accept and move on when you love yourself. Not many will come forward to help you when you fail. It is you who have to fall and get up every single time. So, loving yourself is equivalent to making yourself a stronger person.

Making yourself happy is very important. Not everyone knows how to make themselves happy. Materialistic love and dependent love is not all that life offers you. You need to be much more than that by giving yourself a break. And so, people called self love as an inside job. These above are a few ways to be yourself.

-Pavithra Ravi