Why You Shouldn’t Get back with Your Ex


When work seems weary and life gets lonely, when people are merrily icing in the company of their partners, there is faint nag or strongest urge sometimes from the bottom of your mind to ping an ex. Things have changed, time has passed, maybe things might work this time around and this what you keep telling yourself. You are older now, you will be able to carry it on with more maturity and may be you will even be the wise one. May be, if you give it another shot? Or MAYBE NOT.!

Well, let’s be brutal here, if you were any wiser, you wouldn’t even entertain the thoughts of getting back with your ex. In the wake of the situation prevailing around you, you’re riding an emotional high which painfully tells that you have no one to share your life with.

With a loud shout, It’s NORMAL.

This floating feeling of nostalgia will pass. Do you need to get back with your ex ? Umm , Here’s why you shouldn’t get back with your ex.

Shouldn’t Get Back with Your Ex – Relationship Tips

1There was a good reason for letting it go


You were together, gave the relationship a try and it failed. Some people just might not work together. Also, you may still have feelings for this person, but does that change the fact that you are as incompatible with that person as before? If you let your ex go once, let him or her go forever. Remember Murphy’s Law? Anything that can go wrong… We are sure you can complete that sentence.

2You’re both still carrying the ‘bad part’ from your rel...


Emotional baggage weighs all of us down. While the baggage becomes lighter as new memories refresh your minds and older memories are whitewashed by new ones. The problem arises when you decide to get back together with an ex, all that weight comes back while your baggage seems to start gaining weight… and quickly.

All those fights and the bad memories associated with it, all things that are annoying about that person and everything that once happened which left you both hurt each other, comes back. The bad part is still not done, not only does it come back at once, but it comes in big waves. The fights start up again and a few long months later, the displacement is just zero: broken.

3The sex couldn’t have been that good


Don’t underrate the importance of sex in a relationship. The majority of relationships don’t work after the sex life begins to suffer. While you didn’t like giving it to him or her at the end of the relationship, the point still holds true that if you haven’t liked it then, you still wouldn’t and would certainly, never.

4The trust part is missing

The trust part is missing

Much has been spoken about trust and its importance in a relationship. It’s difficult to construct and much more difficult to put back together what is lost. Choose for yourself if you want to be in a relationship with the trust part absent. Are you 100 percent sure that your partner won’t turn and run away?

5Love is only 50 percent physical and you’ve already mad...


Furthermore, Love is not just physical, it’s also about the happy feeling of butterflies in your stomach. Right? It’s not tough to do when everything else is just right, but it becomes harder when things aren’t going so well. Now that you have made up your mind and let go, it’s time to stick with it. You can’t change your mind as easily as you’d like, it would not remain for long anyway. Also, give yourself a break. It isn’t a switch to turn it on and off whenever you like.

6Uhh, those hypothetical situations


It is a Human tendency to miss a person we care about when we are distanced. Throw some romantic songs and picture some hypothetical situations into the mix and we are soon obsessed, a feeling often confused with love. This feeling, thankfully, fades once we are around that person usually. Those situations, more often than not, are nowhere close to the reality of things. Once we spend time with our ex, we become disheartened and roll back to the feeling of not wanting to do anything with them. Remember, it’s our mind playing tricks on us.

7You can either move forward or backward, not both ̵...


If you want a different, new, better life, why go looking for it in your past? You weren’t the person you wanted to be in the past and won’t be up one notch now, if you start living in your past. Rolling drivers move you backwards and upgrade gets far by leaps and bounds.

8You have already tried Hakka Noodles, Why repeat the or...


The world may be a small place, but the percentages of potential lovers are increasing. In other words, there are more and more potential people for you to fall in love with, and it’s getting easier and easier to meet them. Don’t opt the easy way out. Why go again into something which has been tasted and disliked? Or, bored, one may say!

9Loving is the only way to learn about love


Doesn’t love also come with a learning curve? There isn’t just meeting that one person, but there may just be one combination of person, time and place. You have to grasp the right time to be the right person, in the right place in order to be able to love truly in your life. Falling in love truly and deeply doesn’t just rely on the other person; it relies heavily on you too.

While the only way to learn about love is to love, new people will tell you more and more about yourself and your ways of loving. After ‘seeing’ enough people, you’re bound to meet the right person. Right person, right place, right time, right you.

10It is not the person, it is their presence


That person you once loved has moved on and has had different experiences. The one more chance that you are basing on could be either a boon or a bane. It is not the person, but the presence of that person you enjoy being with. What if things got bad in the meantime? You’re probably going to end up hurting each other again. And it’s going to be worse this time since you really should have seen it coming.

Nevertheless, if it has to happen, it will and no one can change it. If you are destined to get back and fall in love with that same person all over again, great! We are just telling you that, every love once torn can’t be reattached. Contradicting, every love once torn doesn’t necessarily have to remain torn. There are ways to fix it and if you are one of those lucky girls, who are we to stop you? All we want to say is, Life is equal to reality minus expectation!

Expect less, love more. Or maybe not!

-Pavithra Ravi