10 great areas in the body to get a tattoo for a woman

10 great areas in the body to get a tattoo for a woman

Are you planning to wear a tattoo and are wondering where to get it? Tattoos are the most creative and shortest way of expressing. When you decide to wear a tattoo, you should, although not regret getting it done in the first place, after many years. So always have an appropriate place to get them done. Choosing an appropriate tattoo helps and wearing it in the right place is even better. You also would want to make sure your tattoo can be hidden for your workplace if necessary, right? So picking the ones that are bold, beautiful is necessary. Going to a person who knows it and has been doing it for quite a while, is one of the key aspects to remember while getting tattooed.

A good professional can make it easy and faster. You have to admit that no matter what, getting a tattoo is painful and you can’t avoid the pain. It depends on individual tolerance as to how you will bear the pain. Everyone handles it differently, but ladies!, here are the 10 or great areas in the body to get a tattoo. Check women tattoo locations!

Top 10 Areas Where You Should Get A Tattoo

1Inner wrist

Inner wrist

Inner wrist is the easiest of all. It can be done quickly since the area is quite small compared to the entire body. It is also easier for the professional since it need not be handled with much care while doing it. You will be able to see the area and the process. This is a great place for low pain scale as there can’t be big words or drawings that can be done in such a small place. It is even better when you go to work. If you have to hide your tattoo, you can very much wear a number of wrist bands or few bracelets and Voila!, you are on your own! Remember to take care of the tattoo when it heals and restrict from wearing the band or jewelry unless it is dried out completely.



This is also one of the most painless areas where a girl can get tattooed on. It is not only less painful, but very feminine when it comes to the areas of your ankle. It looks very pretty when you choose an appropriate design and intend it properly. There have been many girls who sport intricate designs on their ankle or simply stay with a plain heart or an anchor design that makes it look neat. Hiding your ankle, wouldn’t be a problem, since obviously most of your clothing would cover the ankle area. When you spot it with a high healed red stiletto or a beautiful black pumps, then it is definitely going to draw some male attention.

3Ear, the inner side

Ear, the inner side

If you want to make a cute small statement with your tattoo, then this is the place. It is also touted that the ear area is very sensitive and so doesn’t need big prints there. The designs are small and kept neat. Most of the times, the process feels very soothing as it tickles your ear and encourages people to try it out. Ear tattoos look very delicate and dainty due to their diminutive nature, which makes them faultless for those who want small statement tattoos.

4Ear, behind area

Ear, behind area

This is one of the famous places every girl is getting tattooed these days. This area is very sensuous looking and gives off a great look. Though you might not be able to show it off entirely due to hair, it will definitely make a great mark with your up-do’s and give you the ‘oooomph’ look! Since this area has very few nerve ending, this area can be easy to work with too. Remarkable tattoos can start from the back end of the ear and go on till the tail of the neck. It sure looks sexier than the other places!

5Inner arm

Inner arm

This area is also one of the most feminine places to get one! Since it is cushion-like in the particular place, the threshold of pain can be more. It is hard to hide it unless you wear a long sleeve or a jacket, but it can be a great place to make a remarkable short reading or a sweet design that can go well with your personality. It not only shows out the feminine side, but lets you get creative since everyone can view it at ease.

6Top finger

Top finger

Since finger tattoos tend to be very close to the bones of your hand, they tend to hurt. The good side is that, since the tattoos are really small, the pain doesn’t last long. If you always wanted to play it safe and creative, choose this area. This comes with only designs and one letter or two letter designs since the area is very small. The best place to try out a tattoo can be your finger tops. Remember that you cannot overdo your tattoo here. It can only be suitable for small and delicate designer that most women who desire a small tattoo tend to get.

7Back shoulder

Back shoulder

This is a good place to get your tattoo but can get a little tricky. The downside of getting one here would be the difficulty in taking care of it while taking your bath or while sleeping. While sleeping you have to be extra careful and change the position of your sleep for a few days if you are a person who sleeps on your back. Another downside would be the pain level. This is one of the most painful areas to get a tattoo, but if you can withstand, then nothing like it. Phrases, designs that are small or big can be done on your bag. They tell out a really good story and gives a very impressive look when you wear low neck cuts to parties.

8Upper shoulder

Upper shoulder

This is another area that can cause pain because there is more bone in this area than in the others. But if you are looking to get a script tattoos, the upper shoulders is a perfect choice. However, if you want an image, you might want to consider one of the other options because it doesn’t provide much space.



Foot tattoos are very admired, especially among the ladies. Although not wearing closed toed shoes for a little while after getting one might be an inconvenience for some, the results really pay off in the end. Your foot is a great place to explore a lot of creative things. The designs can be small or elaborate, but suggestedly elaborate since there is more place and one can get very attractive. The pain is said to go from light to extreme, but do not let that stop you!

10Upper back/Lower neck

Upper back/Lower neck

The upper back or lower neck can be a real top notch place to get a tattoo, but one has to take extra care when it comes to this place since it is hidden and might have the hindrance of the hair touching your neck most of the times. Another thing to care about this area is the area itself. It might hit the spine easily, so going to a professional is a great way to get it done. Yes, it hurts a lot here and one has to be aware of that. But when you decide to go for it, always try to get really imaginative and artistic. Do not try on words, since they may not look very appealing. Try out intricate designs or show your feminism right back here!

So here we are! These are the 10 great areas in the body to get a tattoo. Be alarmed about the various points on how to care for a tattoo. As I said, everything depends on your own personal pain tolerance. First timers, try and go through this article on Tattoo virgin tips. It is great to get inner meaning tattoos and also greater when you carry it out really well. So there you go! For all those who are planning to have a tattoo now, ‘Happy tattooing day’!

-Pavithra Ravi